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Andrew Seefeldt – My Story

!!! ALERT: Please somebody quickly upload ‘asitw.rar’ to the BitTorrent network, post the .torrent and seed! If the HTTP links go down any time soon, it was “their” hackers !!!








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Murders by vehicular sabotage — Contemporary slavery — Organised child exploitation — Trauma-based mind-control (Monarch/MK-ULTRA programming) and hypnosis — Acoustic and electromagnetic radiation weapons — Surveillance, hacking and phone tracking — Organised stalking, intimidation and harassment campaigns — Stitch-ups and cover-ups — Massive police corruption — Drugs, firearms and explosives — Institutional abuse within mental health services — Police officers attempted to violently drug and abduct me after responding to my 000 call — Development of weapons of mass destruction (nerve agents) with direct involvement of police officers at Somersby, NSW — Crimes against humanity — Massive international conspiracy — Organised Satanism — Illuminati

Sorry about the lack of continuity and my tendency I repeat myself sometimes. I may revise it further to make it more comprehensible. I can only remember bits at a time so I’m writing these down and later I will arrange them so that what I’ve written has some continuity but you should be able to piece together what is going on by reading these fragments.

My name is Andrew Seefeldt, I am 23 and from Eden, NSW and…

!!! I fear in retaliation for writing this… I will be treated unjustly within the legal, judical and/or mental health systems, all of which appear to have been infiltrated by the cult who exert some degree of control over them.

!!! I fear in retaliation for writing this… I will be framed for soliciting sex from a minor to smear my reputation, which the cult has already tried to do a few years ago by having a man at the Civic bus stop trick me into calling “his” number by pretending to want to be friends and telling me, “Call my number so you’ll have my number on your phone” and later when I called the number the man at the Civic bus stop gave me, on the other end was a suspicous father who demanded to know my details because it was his young son’s number and “my son has been the target of pedophiles”. Framing dissents for pedophila probably involves perjurers and corrupt police who are loyal to the cult, in addition to tricking me into calling a child’s phone number from a phone registered in my name.

!!! I fear in retaliation for writing this… I will be murdered. I am not suicidal and never was, so if I wind up in a “suicide” you can bet it was a cult hit. Car “accidents” and “suicides” are the cult’s preferred methods of getting rid of people, however since the cat is out of the bag now they might abduct and kill me in broad daylight and not try to be covert and hidden about it. I’m going to die because nobody will even try to believe me, let alone want (or know how) to help me!
1.1 TELSTRA PREPAID 0438040636
11. GUNS

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I know skeptics will wonder if I am inventing these stories for attention or Bitcoins, but I’m not. I have no idea how people will respond (or not) to what I’ve written because I am used to being ignored and it all sounds “too crazy to be true”, which is why the only place I have to turn are you conspiracy forum readers. Even if you think I’m making this stuff all up, well I hope you’ll enjoy the read anyway because in that case I think I might be the next Stephen King!


*** It much like The Truman Show: the electronic surveillance and organised stalking efforts I uncovered sure me feel as though I was the star of the Truman Show. Much like when Truman begins to notice that something is ‘off’ in his environment, it then hit me like a tonne of bricks. I wasn’t even aware that I was a target of something until mid last year in 2012.

*** A few times in Canberra when walking to the shops etc. a car would pull beside me and inside two men would glare at me, but I stared at them back out of curiousity and just figured they were random people pulling over for some other purpose because at this point I was not aware the cult exists. I’ve had vehicles pull beside me as part of a harassment/intimidation campaign on numerous occasions now. Sometimes I would see the same vehicle pull up next to me while walking to town, and then as I returned home the same vehicle would pass me again and turn into the drive way of the truck shed next door. They do this to warn me that “We’re everywhere and we’re watching YOU”.

*** In 2012 Tori could tell I was breaking out of it and she sent me a supportive message over Facebook, and when I looked for it again to re-read it I found that it had been deleted by hackers.

*** At 2AM in the morning when I went outside to get some peace and quiet, a loud truck parked out back around Hopkins St. somewhere would start up its loud engine and idle to let me know that they can see me and that I am under 24hr surveillance. It started up its engine and began idling immediately as I stepped out from behind the shed, as soon as I would have been visible from Hopkins St.

*** 2013 – People break into my car at night and flip down my rear-vision mirror to let me know that they’ve been in there, and the flipped rear-vision mirror symbolically conveys the threat “Watch your back”. This warning was issued by the cult on two occasions because recently I was trying to determine whether the marks on my abdomen were from the application of a cattle prod when I was a child, which I began to suspect. I asked another cult victim if he had similar scars over my Facebook, which now I know was being watched by the cult’s hackers, and never got a reply from him–just a sudden, large increase in loud machinery and tool noises next door. They took up employment next door to where I live at my parents’ place, and on one occassion one of them yelled profanities at me when I went into the backyard. Two out of the three properties that neighbour my parents’ place have been used for cult activity.

At the peak of the harrassment activities, every single day for weeks and months on end people next door at the truck shed would make loud, persistent, aggressive and regular noises with pneumatic tools, drills, hammers, grinders and industrial water hoses and if confronted they will likely attempt to portray me as mentally ill, paranoid and a complainer (i.e. plausible deniability), but this huge increase in noise always coincides with the times that I upset the cult in some manner. If you watch the video footage you’ll see that, clearly, it is an organised harassment and intimidation campaign. They would make these tool noises aggresssively whenever I walk past their truck shed or they see me in our backyard, and one occassion one of these people next door yelled “Yeah, fuck you ya cunt!” at me over the fence when he saw me.

They did this to me in 2012 but I just overlooked the persistent and annoying tool noises as legitimate “work” that I thought were doing next door, simply put up with it and didn’t realise it was a harassment/stalking campaign. They began these activities again, very fiercely, in 2013 when the cult’s hackers who were watching my Internet usage (the ADSL connection at 11 Storey Ave was being subjected to a man-in-the-middle attack) noticed that, for weeks, I was reading a large number of websites about Satanic ritual abuse, pedophile rings and the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy and the cult feared I was getting too wise apparently, because 24hr surveillance and stalking, harassment and intimidation involving numerous perpetrators was their response. Furthermore, when I tried to use Tor (online privacy software/network) on this landline ADSL connection, within minutes Tor would no longer connect.

I don’t know if they get paid solely to harass/watch me with those excessive and pointless tool noises, or if it’s a ‘side-project’: they do actually do legitimate work next door as a front, but these people are involved in cult activity and when I do something to upset the cult (like read about ritual abuse and pedophile rings on the net), there is a large increase in tool noise next door to punish me. This persisted for a few months after the last time I last upset the cult, before (I suppose) they felt I was successfully pacified and intimidated and it started to go away again. Although, they still harass me with the speaker systems at night that make a humming/droning noise that comes from “everywhere”, intermittently.

*** In 2013 when I was looking for news reports of the car crash at Bredo in which Tom Buckland was murdered by vehicular sabotage, the cult hackers who were watching my Internet use modified my Google Search results page using a man-in-the-middle attack to include the numeral ‘666’ as a joke and to claim responsibilty for the murder, which was committed to send me a symbolic message. The Google Search result “ABC News” had been modified to read “666 6ABC News” by the time the HTTP packets reached my computer.

*** Thoughout 2012 and 2013 they would set up speakers around my parents property that make subtle humming/pulsing/droning noises thoughout the night (almost every night) and they would also play these sounds while it rains, to harass me in my home. The acoustics of these speaker systems are set up so it’s impossible to determine where it’s coming from because it sounds like it’s coming from ‘everywhere’. The sound lights up the entire sky, yet is faint enough that only the person who knows he is being specifically targetted will notice it (other people will overlook it, or pass it off as factory noises and think nothing more of it) and it ‘sweeps’ from one direction to another, as if it is coming from ‘everywhere’. On the Internet I read an account written by somebody investigating a pedophile ring who also complained of being harassed with humming noises in the same manner at her rural property (I lost the address for this webpage, I really wish I didn’t so that I would have proof that I’m not the only one in the world these things are happening to). I have included footage of these humming noises, see the Video section.
Whenever the humming noise at night stops it makes a winding-down noise in the distance. It’s more obvious in real life than in the videos I have included, it lights up the whole sky in the distance (while still being faint) and appears to come from ‘everywhere’.

Look at this article!

I believe I have solved the mystery–it’s the Illuminati! According to this article, other people all around the world have also noticed the “coming from everywhere” humming noise (that is particularly prominent at nighttime) that have been harassing me throughout 2012 and 2013 at 11 Storey Ave, Eden! The cult is setting up speaker systems to broadcast these faint droning/humming/pulsing noises to drive us crazy as punishment, and of course we will be dismissed as ‘crazy’, ‘paranoid’, ‘suffering from tinnitus’ etc. if we complain about them or claim they are part of a conspiracy. It’s been going on worldwide since the 1970s, and people started noticing it in the 1950s–about the same time Satanic ritual abuse started (judging by my parents’ ages–I think my parents were first-generation). The article even attributes at least one suicide to it. I have footage of it, and while the camera doesn’t pick it up very well (it’s much more obvious in real life) you can still hear it in the video, especially if using noise-isolating earphones and turning the volume to 100%.

My parents place at 11 Storey Ave, Eden is located in an industrial area so the cover-up story will be that it’s ‘machinery’ or ‘idling trucks’ or some shit, but no, it’s the cult and their electronic devices. The sound fills the whole sky and comes from everywhere. The cult has used actual idling trucks to harass me, as well. Sometimes they parked across the road and idle for hours, including on weekends and at night, occasionally revving their engines slightly and making hydraulic noises in an aggressive manner to let me know that I am being specifically targetted. At 2am in the morning once when I stepped into the backyard where I would have been visible from Hopkins St, a truck started up its engine and began idling to let me know I was being watched.

*** As part of their noise harassment campaign, the cult sets up speaker systems that play “raffle” announcements for a raffle that does not exist and there’s the intermittent mumbling of numbers in the evening in the Storey Ave industrial area.

One night at about 8pm for an hour or two there was a massive electronic weapon assault, including:
– – – An electromagnetic radiation weapon that made my body feel hot all over.
– – – A weapon that made me disorientated, like drunkenness without the spinning.
– – – A weapon that made me become slightly gassy and slightly nauseous (although I could ‘snap’ myself out of it to make the nausea go away). Neither feelings of nausea nor gassiness were very strong; they were quite faint, but definitely induced by these weapons.
– – – A hypnotic weapon that made me become very tired over and over and I had to repeatedly ‘snap’ myself out of it, and this weapon caused my parents to become as still as a statue and trance out for about 30 seconds. When I said “Mum…” my mother snapped out of it and did not seem to realise at all that, just then for about half a minute, she and my father had become completely motionless and were staring off into space, deep in a hypnotic trance. It looked like something out of a horror film! This also occurred in 2012 a few days before the drug lab went down: my father became motionless and stared off into space for about 20 seconds with his hand on his wrist as if to check his pulse, and he wouldn’t respond.
– – – And (not mentioned in the diary entry because I was still in denial about the existence of such a weapon), but indeed they were using hypnosis to cause me to suffer olfactory (smell) hallucinations of something disgusting from my childhood that the cult knew about by hackers watching my MSN conversations as a teenager. Hallucinations while I was awake, not dream modification (which I’ll write about elsewhere).

The electronic weapons made our dogs go crazy.

During the electronic weapon assault the speaker announcements in the Storey Ave industrial area were announcing a “raffle” that does not exist, and the announcer said something like, “And the winner of tonight’s raffle is Andrew, come on down Andrew! Calling Andrew! 34543543” at the same time that a cult member at the back gate of my parents’ place was yelling “Andrew, Andrew!” and the cult was assaulting me and my family with the electronic weapons in an attempt to force me to flee outside and make contact with the cult member at the back gate.

*** When I parked my green Commodore in Bega the cult stole the P-plates off my it to harass me, indicating that there was a GPS tracking device hidden under it.

*** I found the following text on the Internet which appears to be written by a perpetrator of this type of organised stalking/harassment, and it demonstrates the mentality of the perpetrators well: stalking&defid=1656262

*** As a kid my parents would always freak out about cars parked near our property because she thought they were “spies”. I’ve seen a few of these “spy” cars, for example recently in 2013 a dark grey dark-tinted SUV would pull up in front of our house and then drive off. This was because at the time I was reading a lot of ritual abuse, pedophile ring and Illuminati websites while the cult’s hackers were watching my Internet connection (man-in-the-middle attack). There was also a tiny, dark-tinted caravan that would do slow pass-bys along our fence in 2012. This coincided with other forms of organised stalking and noise harassment.

*** When I got home from the mental ward, my mother finally admitted that “they” exist and told me that cult members in the Australian Taxation Office and the banks will illegally access my details (addresses, location of withdrawals etc.) on behalf of the cult in order to track me down whereever I go.

*** Since my mid-teens they have had hackers watch the MSN conversations that I had with other mind-control victims (B., M., Tori) that the cult set me up with as friends. The boys and I would get excited and talk about doing bad things (drugs, explosives, guns, poisons and chemical weapons) and they watched these conversations to monitor our progress and collect personal details, including a history of traumatic events from when we were kids, for use as hypnotic triggers.

*** While I was alone at home in Canberra more than once somebody would come to the door asking if they could do some work around the house such as gardening, while dressed in work clothes, fluoro jacket etc. These may be surveillance efforts, I’m not sure, this was my first time living in a city and I don’t know whether these type of doorstep workmen are normal? When walking from this home to the local shops a car would pull up next to me and the occupants would glare at me to intimidate me in the same way they do in Eden, but I didn’t realise I was being targetted by anything at this time and I just shrugged it off.

*** The cult has hypnotic electronic weapons that they use on me while I’m in my room at 11 Storey Ave to modify my dreams at night. Some nights I would go to bed and have a nightmare of being killed by a serial killer over and over again, then I’d wake up and fall back to sleep and suffer hypnosis-induced dreams of disgusting worms and bugs. They can also insert very specific phrases into my dreams (which are spoken in the dreams by a crowd of people I went to school with) such as “Give us the speed” and “Do you have something to tell us?” and they also communicate symbollically with us through this dream-modifying weapon. When the cult found out I enquired about purchasing a white Toyota Townace by hacking my eBay account 888899, they used their dream modification weapon to cause me to have nightmares of a white van filled with gore/raw flesh and diarreah.

I would have hypnosis-induced dreams of almost blowing my legs off, exactly how I almost lost my legs in an 130 gram APAN explosion when I was 17 (in the dream my legs were represented by carrots) and a dream of shooting myself in the gut. These hypnosis-induced dreams are substantially more vivid than normal dreams.

Google websites about gang-stalking and you will find that there are other people around the world who are experiencing the same thing. I am not making this stuff up, and I wish I were! also describes “nightmare programming” which, in the patients these therapists had, was triggered by the cult as punishment for approaching forbidden material in therapy.

*** eBay employees on the inside are abusing their access to data on behalf of the cult. Hackers went through my eBay Listings (account ‘888899’) making them disappear, and the few that didn’t disappear were purchased up by an eBay username called ‘notdemocracy’. This user ‘notdemocracy’ (*shudder* at the username) had perfect feedback of 4000+, and even though he purchased my items there was no option to view his mailing address. Several days after non-payment, ‘notdemocracy’ sent a message telling me he wanted local pick-up in Eden because he supposedly worked in Eden (my small, isolated hometown) after having ‘purchased’ a few useless items like bits of plumbing… this was the cult wanting to lure me somewhere.

Furthermore, in my eBay account’s Sent folder was a message I sent to the seller of a white Toyota Townace I considered purchasing a while back and enquired about, and upon the cult’s hackers finding out about this they used their electronic weapons to make me suffer a hypnosis-induced dream of a white van with gore/raw flesh in the back (in the nightmare I was… collecting it), and on the following night I suffered a nightmare about a white van again–suffering diarreah in the back of a white van.

– – ————————————
1.1 TELSTRA PREPAID 0438040636
– – ————————————

*** There have been a few cult-related occurances related to my old phone Telstra prepaid 0438040636
Late in 2010 soon before I made drugs for the first time (testing out my new glassware by making Na-GHB from GABA over the 2010-2011 holidays) a man about my age with medium-length dark/black hair a bit overweight calling himself “Steven” came up to me at the bus stop in Civic and for a minute or so pretended to want to be friends (he seemed nervous), then he gave me “his” number to ring so that I “would have his number on my phone”, so I rang it there while I was with him and I did not pick up at the time. He also wanted to see my phone (a Telstra T6) to see the features and wanted to know where I “wanted to go after this” (after uni). I told him, perhaps Sydney. I was on my way home to Eden for the uni holidays so I didn’t call him again for a few months, and when I got back to Canberra I remembered Steven and thought I’d call “him” to catch up like he said he wanted to, because I didn’t know anybody. A father on the other side of “Steven’s” phone (the number that he gave me) answered the call and suspiciously demanded to know my details because his “son Tommy has been the target of pedophiles”. I also heard a young boy in the background, whereas “Steven” was around my age. They are attempting to frame me for soliciting sex from a minor.

I am sure that because they know how to get away with organised child abuse on a large scale (they are very sophisticated, they abuse children who suffer from dissociative disorders which they intentionally inflict, so that the child does not remember it afterwards), they will know exactly how to have somebody ‘caught’ for it. Although, they could have me put in prison if they wanted to for things I DID actually do so I think it’s more aimed at smearing my reputation than criminally framing me.

*** In 2012-2013 flatbed trucks/workmen were on the burnt fish factory property who were removing the remnants left over, after the giant speaker systems were removed on flatbed trucks in late October-November (but even while in the drug lab I could hear drilling and other noises at night coming from there, it sounded like they were dismantling it after I freaked out and started posting frantic messages on Facebook (Hannah Broomfield replied to some of these) and immediately after I posted on Facebook that I was threatening “I am going to the AFP, and if anything happens to me they’ll know, I told the AFP everything!” (I was totally bluffing and I felt scared and cornered and was confused about what was going on)… immediately after I posted that on Facebook I got a SMS message to my phone that just said “Hi”–and I don’t talk to anybody on this phone, I just carry it for emergency! This is the same number I accidentally gave to a man who pretended to want to be friends who approached me at a bus stop in Canberra, but “his” number that I called turned out to be a child’s father on the other end who suspiciously demanded to know my name and details “because this is my son’s number and he has been the target of pedophiles”. On that number I also got calls with nothing on the other end, and once when I tried calling back 3 times finally somebody replied, “Oh… never mind.” I think this has something to do with tracing my mobile signal to the nearest celltower to determine/stalk my location by forcing my handset to make a connection/call.

I suspect that it is possible that the location of my phone 0438040636 was being tracked by sending me ’empty’ phonecalls (no voice, just silence or just background noises) or mysterious ‘Hi’ SMS messages and then accessing my phone records and finding out where these empty calls got connected to in order to determine what cell tower my handset was nearest to (i.e. my geographic location). Once I called these mysterious numbers back and after three tries, somebody picked up and I asked, “Hey, you called me, who’s this?” and the man replied “Oh… never mind.”

My parents would also get these empty calls and conclude that it was “just pranksters”. Similarly, a few moments after I threatened that “I’m gonna go to the AFP!” on my Facebook wall (deleted now) I received an SMS out of nowhere that simply said “Hi”. I believe that the ‘Hi’ SMSs and empty calls were to force my handset to connect to the nearby cell tower(s) and use this to help determine my geographic location. Regarding the threat that I had gone to the AFP: I was bluffing. I didn’t even know what was going on at this point, I was hoping that whatever was happening that if they thought the AFP was protecting me they would leave me alone. I was hysterical and only just beginning to piece it together–ritual abuse!

Also in high school when a boy in my class overheard that Tori had given me her old phone, the boy wanted to know whether the phone came with her SIM or not. This is the same boy who said that “…but you’re not allowed to drive.” and his friends would do the secret handshake with me (I did not realise this handshake had significance until a cult member in the Bega mental ward did it, and I recognised it from high shool). He was not a troublemaker/delinquent, he was functional and a good student.

– – ————————————————–
– – ————————————————–

[Late March 2013] These recent harassment techiques, in addition to others, were employed against me in 2012 too. The recent electronic assaults and ‘gang-stalking’ (that is the term, I believe) behaviour started after I contacted another cult victim in an attempt to determine whether he had similar marks on his body that I suspected may have been caused by electroshock from a cattle prod at young age (I never got an answer). It seems that they are still watching all my Facebook activity, and if they punished me for this then maybe it was because I was getting close to the truth. In response to attempting to investigate my history of abuse, I also had my car broken into twice without signs of forced entry and the rear-vision mirror flipped down to symbolically convey the threat “watch your back”

[Late March 2013] The speaker system started back up again, a speaker that recites numbers and murmuring voices and makes strange tones all night. The truck shed “workers” next door have returned, they appear to be employed to yell profanities over the fence at me and make drilling, hammering and loud machinery noises all day to drive me crazy, then I’m sure they would act all innocent if confronted and maintain that the noises are relevant to legitimate work and try to paint me as paranoid, delusional and a complainer. Also, late at night sometimes they would drive back there to do “work” for several minutes, hammer several times loudly and then drive off again.

[17-3-13] ———————————————————————————
The cult is plotting something against me. I saw a dark grey tinted-window SUV pull up in front of my parents house yesterday morning for a while then drive off. Cult members work next door at the truck shed (recently one yelled “Yea! Fuck you, ya cunt!” over the fence). On two occasions the rear-vision mirror flipped down to symbolically convey the threat “watch your back”. My car has been broken into without signs of entry at least twice recently.

I’m not sure what I’ve done to provoke this harassment again except recently I asked another cult victim over Facebook (got no reply) if he had any marks (two dots/moles spaced neatly apart, included is a picture of these [sear_mark_possibly_cattle_prod.jpg]) on his body because I suspect these marks on me were caused by a cattle prod/taser early in life. My Facebook was being stalked by hackers during 2012, prior to that, and right now probably still is.
– – ——————————————————————————————-

[23/3/13] – The Internet has been going out intermittently the past couple days, current it is out, my phone has lost reception suddenly and there’s a speaker system in the distance that has a voice announcement mumbling something, like it did yesterday.

[26-3-13] ——————————————————————————-
There is activity at the property of the burnt-out fish factory in Hopkins St recently, trucks, forklifts and cherry-pickers dismantling the remains of the factory building where in 2012 there used to be large speaker systems. They continue to harass me during the day with needless drilling, hammering, and pneumatic tool use next door and in the morning, evening and night they play the murmuring voices and once again recite strings of numbers over another speaker system they’ve built somewhere. Also I recall that a young drug dealer they tried to pair me up with on the bus had a job at the fish factory
– – —————————————————————————————–

[27/3/13] (the day as the 666 message showed up on my computer when Googling ‘bredbo car accident’) ———————–
I was researching Tom’s death recently in March 2013, and when I typed “bredbo car accident” into Google among the search results the “ABC News” link had been modified to included ‘666’. The modified search result read “666 6ABC News” (sic) when it appeared in my web browser. Hackers had been monitoring the incoming packets on the landline ADSL connection at 11 Storey Ave Eden (man-in-the-middle attack) and modified the incoming packet before it reached my computer to include ‘666’ on the search results page of “bredbo car accident” to claim responsibility for Tom Buckland’s death and to let me know that they were watching the webpages I visit (I loaded a lot of ritual/child abuse resources in the days/weeks leading up to this.

I started to try and point out to my parents the organised harassment, surveillance, threats and assault and behaviour modification with electronic weapons, and they tried to tell me that “you’re sick” and “get some sleep”. I noticed these harassment campaigns in 2012 as well, and my mother said “If you see anything that’s not there, you have to tell me. You are sick, you have paranoid schizophrenia.”
– – ———————————————————————————————————————————–

[28/3/13] ——————————————————————————————-
3am – Some large device (it sounds large anyway) is making a loud droning noise in the distance that sounds like it’s coming from everywhere. I went outside into the backyard and then large truck that sounded like it was from near the fish canning factory stated idling noisily. The revalation that they are monitoring the websites I visit in real time indictes that they are able to also use this to profile my sleeping habits, know the things I am doing or planning to do, as well as pick up usernames, accounts, email addresses, phone numbers etc. I use on the net. I suspect that telecom or ISP guys on the inside could be involved. ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack, and the data packets they intercept are probably used to render a HTML page on their computers so that they can view the websites I am viewing in real time.
– – —————————————————————————————————–

[30/3/13] ————————————————————————————–
I tried to use Tor (and I typed “what port does Tor use” into Google, so the hackers watching my Internet use knew I was trying to use Tor (anonymity technology) but several minutes later Tor would no longer connect.

I started using TOR to access websites and then suddenly TOR would no longer connect. Those monitoring the Internet connection at 11 Storey Ave may have blocked the ports required for TOR several minutes after they noticed me start to use it so that I can’t use it to avoid man-in-the-middle monitoring of my Internet usage. This is occurring to the landline ADSL connection at 11 Storey Ave Eden and is probably not the only residence whose services they tamper with. In high school I remember another guy wanting to know if a phone somebody gave me had come with SIM (so that I couldn’t avoid stalking efforts by using somebody else’s SIM). He also said “You’re not allowed to drive.” (Who says?!)
– – ————————————————————————————————-

[20/4/13] ——————————————————————————
2-4am The voice announcement reciting numbers and machinery/grinding noise is playing early this morning. Usually the truck shed machinery noise only occurs in the day (and during the night they only harass me with electronic humming noises) but tonight it is raining and they go ahead with the noise harassment because the rain disguises these noises from the other residents (other side of Storey Ave etc.)
– – ————————————————————————————–

[23/4/13] – This afternoon a vehicle repeatedly revved loudly next door at the truck shed for an unnaturally long period of time to irritate me.

[28/4/13] – Since I stopped using the landline ADSL at 11 Storey Ave the daytime noise harassment has decreased

[3/5/13] – 8:52pm – The murmuring voice announcements are back as well as the machinery/tool noise next door. This is probably because I walked outside and they saw that I was still there

[6/5/13] – Furious, incessant hammering noise started up again after I got home after people from the truck shed saw me drive past.

[22/5/13 and 23/5/13] —————————————————————————
I heard strange humming/droning noises again and all night I had vivid, long dreams/nightmares about similar subjects (guns and other cult-related subjects) and finally a bunch of people telling me, “Do you have something to tell us?” in the dream. This was very similar to the nights I had the dreams with people telling me to “Give us the speed!” while I was in the drug lab in 2012. This coincided with further noise harassment again, people from the truck shed next door aggressively spraying loud water hoses into the air early this morning when I walked past them to try and retrieve something from the boot of my car. I suspect, again, that they are hypnotically suggesting/modifying my dreams.
– – —————————————————————————————————

[30/5/13] —————————————————————————————
Username ‘notdemocracy’ on eBay bought all my listed items and failed to pay for them to harass me and force me to lose money to seller fees. When I click the listing to try and find out his mailing address, there seems to be no option to view his mailing address even though he “bought” my items! The eBay system is compromised. Also, a day before somebody asked if they could pick up an item I was selling and said they “worked in EDEN”. Stalkers tricked me into revealing that I was still in Eden when I replied that yes, I could do local pick up over eBay. All the seller listings I had that weren’t bought up by “notdemocracy” just mysteriously disappeared (nobody purchased them up and failed to pay, this time they completely just disappeared after I listed them due to hackers).
Also, my father randomly came up to me and said that my chemical glassware that was seized by police was now waiting in Sydney for me to pick up “but don’t tell your mother”

Furthermore, I had a recent hypnosis-induced dream of the white van I thought about buying a while back and enquired about. I sent a message to the user who was selling the vehicle on eBay, and that’s how the cult knew I was thinking about it–they hacked my eBay account ‘888899’. I believe they have eBay staff on the inside who abuse their access to data on behalf of the cult to spy on us and I will boycott eBay until they find those responsible and address this misconduct. Tila Tequila also complained of her YouTube account being hacked and all the videos being deleted when she tried to expose the cult on YouTube.
– – ————————————————————————————————-

[31/5/13] More hypnosis induced dreams (themes of gore and fecal matter inside the white van I was thinking of buying) at night and noise harassment during the day. This was the response to the eBay hackers finding out that I enquired about a white van on Ebay, they probably found the message in my Sent folder.

[3/6/13] It is possible that the cult hypnotically induced a dream of a girl saying “…We can make love afterwards”, and I don’t usually have dreams at all let alone ones like this. It was very vivid, which indicates a hypnosis-induced dream.

[4/6/13] ————————————————————————————–
Tonight for a few hours my family and I were hit with the full force of the cult’s electronic weapons. I observed plenty of activity at the truck shed next door. My body became hot all over repeatedly (EMR), my vision and sense of balance was disturbed, I became gassy and had a faint urge to vomit on two occassions and I became very sleepy and so did my parents (they said so out loud), and they came under hypnosis too because they became completely motionless and began staring off into nothing in a trance and at other times they were hurrying around very frantically and so was I. Furthermore, I heard the speaker announcement reciting numbers again, PRETENDING to be announcing raffle winners and the announcer said something like “543765345 and the winner is Andrew, come on down Andrew, calling Andrew! Calling Andrew! 543765345”.

The ‘raffle’ is fake, any claim that they are holding a ‘raffle’ or ‘Bingo game’ is just an false excuse for the cult to broadcast speaker announcements around the golf course/Storey Ave industrial area directed at me, ‘Andrew’. There was also somebody at the back gate shouting my name, “Andrew! Andrew!” around the same time.

The electronic weapons make our dog run around the property barking his head off.
– – ————————————————————————————————-

Last month in May I believe my P plates were stolen after I parked my vehicle (the green 99 Commodore) in Bega to let me know that there was a tracking device on it and they knew where I was. At the time, I just thought they blew off in the wind while driving.

[10/6/13] ————————————————————————————–
I saw a white later model ute pull up next to me in Eden (I crossed to the other side of the road thinking they would pull me into it or something) when I went outside to walk to town. Later when I returned home as I walked onto Storey Ave I saw the same vehicle drive past and pull into the next door truck shed (on a public holiday) as I walked past. It drove deep into the property so I couldn’t see it anymore. This was to warn me “We are watching you”.

Also, a black Magna drove past soon before this, I don’t know if this was them or not. More unpleasant, suspected hynosis-induced dreams/nightmares of guns (shooting myself in the gut) and explosives (blowing my legs off as I almost did at age 17, with carrots representing my legs), including when I tried to sleep during the day time. [UPDATE: No, the black Magna was just a coincidence I’m sure… I’m a bit hyperviligant, maybe you can understand why!]
– – —————————————————————————————————

[29/6/13] —————————————————————————————–
Same old things have continued since my last entry. A white vehicle with fluoro-orange border around the number plate pulled up next to me then drove into the truck shed. Also, a couple days ago the cult police returned the $1700 they took from me on 21st Oct. That was unexpected but welcome and the cult cops were better behaved this time.
– – —————————————————————————————————

[2/7/13] A ute pulled up next to me in Eden to intimidate me when I went outside for a walk.

[7/8/13 and 8/7/13] Immediatey after I fell asleep (I woke a couple hours later) I suffered a vivid hypnosis-induced nightmare of being murdered and watching others ruthlessly murdered over and over by a serial killer.When I went back to sleep I had further dreams of guns and disgusting worms/bugs.

[12/8/13] They’ve still been harassing me with the speakers that make a humming noise that comes from “everywhere”. Usually they only play it at night, but if it rains during the day they play the humming during the rain because the rain camoflagues the sound so that golf players and other residents are less likely to notice (it’s a faint but obvious noise designed so that only somebody who knows they are being specifically targetted will recognise it, and other people will overlook it as industrial/factory noises or simply not notice it). I should also note that my parents have a circular saw for firewood that makes a loud whistling noise, but this is completely unrelated to the cult’s gang-stalking/harassment activity and I am NOT confusing the circular saw noise for something else. The humming/droning noise is distant, fills the entire sky and ‘sweeps’ from one direction to another, as if it is coming from “everywhere” and while the large speaker systems on the fish factory property next door were present, the “everywhere” noise was much louder and at times was being used as a full-blown acoustic weapon (a sharp, piercing tone that “comes from everywhere” used as full-on punishment/abuse while I was in 2012 instead of the fainter, persistent humming/droning in the distance which has been used as ambient harassment throughout 2013).

[13/8/13] The stalking activity is minimal, it has been reduced to simply the humming/droning noise that still occurs for periods of time most nights and the occassional half-hearted hammering noises next door.

*** In the truck shed next door they are still making completely pointless and aggressive hammering/tool noises clearly intended to covertly harass/intimidate me, including in the mornings, whenever I walk past their shed (and they see me), and they are doing it right now at 9-10PM at night (sometimes they’re there at night, sometimes they’re not). I don’t know if they solely get paid to do this to me, or if they do legitimate work there and the harassment/surveillance campaign is just a “side project”. Late one night I heard a car pull up, somebody went into the shed, I heard loud hammering noises for a couple minutes then he walked back out and drove off again! They appear to store and maintain vehicles and machinery on the property for legitimate work, as a front. The fish factory that neighbours my parents’ property (that was destroyed by arson and a giant speaker system was built on it) has been completely abandoned by the cult, it appears, after flatbed trucks came and took the speakers away quickly after the drug lab went down and the ruins were cleaned up.

[19/8/13] – The cult was hacking my laptop by setting up a WiFi access point near my parents’ property (the name of it was a short string of random characters) which appears periodically. It’s possible that this WiFi AP was set up in the truck shed next door because every night there is a single light and music playing next door. Somehow they were forcing my laptop to connect to their WiFi AP (while still displaying Not Connected in Windows) and using it to download a trojan onto my computer and controlling this trojan through the WiFi AP.

They must have seen me sign up to several conspiracy-orientated online forums in a single day and known that I was gonna spill the beans, and put me under 24hr surveillance by hackers because all this happened about 1-2am in the morning. They caught me in the act of writing these diary entries and used the trojan to make my Windows taskbar and wallpaper flicker black and rotated picture files on my desktop 90-degrees to let me know they were watching my computer. I was writing these notes on my host system and only connecting to the Internet through a copy of Windows running as a virtual machine, and this virtual machine was what the cult was spying on until they figured out I was using a VM on the 19/8 and hackers accessed my host system. On 19/8 the cult discovered my host system on which these notes you are reading were stored and immediately my virtual machine gave an error when I tried to run it. The cult found my notes on the 19/8 and I decided within the span of 30 minutes that I had to flee Eden for my life and never come back. This is it, their hackers found out I was typing these notes and they are going to kill me, and I can’t do anything about it because nobody wants to hear my story let alone help me. This is probably going to be my last diary entry. Bye.

2. EVENTS OF 21ST OCT 2012

A day or two before I ran onto the golf course after I had accused my parents of hiding something and yelled at them my mother eventually said at night, “Okay, if you have any questions I’ll tell you. I can take you to a doctor, but you might never be right in the… head.”

*** I ran onto the golf course for help on 21 Oct 2012 because I suddenly became immensely paranoid that “they are going to kill me” and called 000, requested all three services then grabbed a steak knife and ran outside. Before the police arrived my brother’s girlfriend was on the scene and asked what was wrong and I said ‘I want a car, I want do drive’ (to get away from my parents who I suddenly saw as dangerous due to a panic attack and because I knew the cops who would arrive would be from he cult) and then the girlfriend, who was associated with the cult, snickered and turned to my brother and said, ‘Ha-ha, he wants to DRIVE!’, demonstrating knowledge of the murder of Tom Buckland… AHHHH! I ran onto the golf course after calling 000 and screaming to “get the AFP not the local police, it’s a cult” (dispatcher sent the Eden cops from the cult anyway) my father chased me down and made me drop the knife I took from the kitchen for protection and he had a grin on his face, sort of like “I know something you don’t know” or “you finally figured it out” or similar.
*** I was pleading with the 000 dispatcher to get the AFP down here, not the local police, because I realised that they must be in on it, but I realised that she was gonna send the local cops anyway, and then I realised getting handcuffed and stuck the back of a vehicle by cops who are “in on it”… IS NOT A GOOD THING! and that’s when I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and ran onto the golf course screaming for help, I was screaming for help at all the passing cars but none of them even slowed down (I had dropped the knife by that point and my father chased me down). I was so scared that I collapsed repeatedly, could barely stand up and began dry heaving, I was banging on the office door of a motel but it was Sunday and nobody was there.

*** Outside the Golfview Motel and near the driveway/front yard of that home that has numerous animals including llamas/apacas) there was a violent attempt to drug and abduct me on the 21st of October 2012 by Eden officers.

The Eden cops tried to violently drug (chloroform) and abduct me after they arrived when I called 000 on my own drug lab (because the cult was driving me crazy with stalkers making machinery noise next door, being zapped with acoustic and microwave radiation weapons that made my whole body feel hot while I was in the drug lab and finally I snapped, had a mental breakdown and thought “they’re gonna kill me!”
called police + ambulance + fire and ran outside the drug lab onto the golf course screaming for help with a knife. My parents were screaming at me not to call 000 becase they knew the cops were in it, and sure enough the cops who arrived tried to chloroform me (lucky I also told the 000 operator to get an ambulance, which averted the kidnap attempt when it arrived). When I noticed the cops who arrived were hiding behind sunglasses and Officer 1 said, “Why don’t we step away a little from the road a little bit?” I became suspicious of them and ran away from the officers towards the house with lots of animals near the Golfview screaming “HELP!” again and they chased me, knocked my legs from under me and tried to make me inhale chloroform fumes from a solvent-soaked cloth in an attempt to drug me unconscious while trying to get me in handcuffs while I was hysterical and thinking “Oh fuck, I’m done for!” I know what chloroform smells like because I used it to separate dimethylamine HCl from methylamine HCl in the synthesis of methamphetamine.

*** These cops arrived on scene with an initial attitude of “what seems to be the matter?”. One of them (I don’t remember which, likey #1) prepared his can of pepper spray but my brother’s girlfriend Joyce was present and voiced her objection. They asked “Why don’t we get a bit away from the road” I interpreted this as them trying to hurt me when I was not visible to motorists. At this point I took off running and screaming “Help!” again in the direction of the home opposite the golf course entrance that has lots of animals including llamas/alpacas. I was in a state of terror and could barely stand, think or talk at this point.

That’s when the officers chased me down, knocked my legs from under me and threw a chloroform-soaked rag next to my face on the ground as they were wrestling me face down and handcuffing me. The chloroform rag wasn’t held by my face (the cops were too busy wrestling me), I saw it drop maybe 30cm on the grass next to me while I was being wrestled into handcuffs by the cops. Chloroform has a very strong smelling vapour that ‘hits’ you when you get a whiff, and even from 30cm I could tell it was chloroform. I know what chloroform smells like because I had a bottle of it which I used to separate dimethylamine HCl from methylamine HCl after the synthesis of methylamine via the hydrolysis of hexamine with HCl (drug chemistry).

*** The golfers who saw me run onto the golf course may have been still watching when the cops tried to kidnap me, I don’t know. If they were still watching it would have been obvious to them that something was amiss because when the cops arrived after a short period of time, I started screaming “HELP, HELP!” and ran away from them and these golfers may have witnessed this.

*** Two more police arrived and the first pair on scene may or may not have intentionally started to straighten up their act at this point (no longer abuse me, abide by police protocol again). There was a brief exchange between the two pairs of police officers about “which superiors’ orders were they following” or something. There may have been confusion regarding “superiors’ orders” because one pair may NOT have been abiding by police protocol and the other cops had no idea what they were doing on the scene? The ambulance I called before I ran outside finally arrived on scene and Officer 1 escorted me in this ambulance and stood by me while the doctor examined me at Pambula Hospital. As I was being wheeled in officer 1 said something to the effect of, “You get this right and I’ll leave you alone.”

*** As I was being wheeled into the hospital I’m sure I heard somebody say, “So it begins”.

*** Officer 1 also took $1700 cash (I don’t care about the money) I had in my wallet and promised to return it if I “showed them my bank statement to prove it wasn’t from drug dealing”. It was Centrelink money but like hell I am going to give the man who 30 minutes ago tried to drug me with chloroform my bank details). The crooked cops also removed a bunch of “HELP ME! RITUAL ABUSE!” style notes I had hidden between the cards in my wallet before returning it. They didnt say anything, just gave me my wallet with all the cards re-arranged and the notes were missing.

I was allowed to leave Pambula Hospital after a doctor (on a Sunday, the ward was fairly empty) had asked me some questions, performed something with electrodes on my abdomen while asking questions. There were no electrodes on my wrist, ankle etc. only my abdomen. I stayed maybe 15 minutes. At Pambula hospital my father pointed out a lighter that somebody had placed on the ground to ‘remind’ me of when I used to start fires at school when I was 14.

*** When I got out of Pambula hospital my father drove me home (he lost his licence and usually doesn’t drive, so it must have been an emergency from his perspective) and on the way he pointed out a Pambula church. He pointed at a hall building up the road from the Pambula pub (not the pink town hall, another small one on the same side of the road the pub is on) and said it was a church, but he might have meant, due to poor memory or something, the Catholic church that was just around the corner from this small hall building. My father said as we drove past “That’s the church I brought you when you were young”. I have no memory of being to this church. My father and the cult cops also performed cult rituals on me when I returned to Eden. My father parked the car up the road from Hopkins St (a driveway/road accessible from opposite the Government Rd turn off) and gave me a bicycle to carry down the hilly bushland–just like I used to do when he would walk me through the bush with our bicycles to get to the Eden daycare centre when I was a little kid. Then when we returned to the car, a bottle of water (that he had filled in front of me while at Pambula hospital) now had a neatly printed label that read “Sorbitol” on it.

I accidentally poisoned myself with sorbitol several years ago in my attempts to get high drinking household stuff (DXM). My life was being replayed to me by cult cops and my father… to re-program me or something! My father and the cops tried to make me drink out of a bottle labelled “Sorbitol” that my father had filled (with water) in front of me in a ritual designed to make me feel trust towards the cult/my parents. That was weird. The cop who tried to kidnap me who was there just said “I don’t have time for your crap, Andrew” and then left and I didn’t hear back from them about it.

*** Next there were a bunch of cops on Hopkins St and I was put in a metal paddywagon (by the cops who tried to abudct me I believe and others who were on scene) and me and the cops just waited for about five minutes. At one point I said, “Hey… it’s getting hot in here” but the cops just continued to stare ahead and sit in their seats quietly, then after maybe five minutes they let me out and I asked what had happened and the cop who tried to abduct me said, “I’ve just arrested you”. When we were in the drive way with the cops (in the drive way that neighbours the burnt fish factory where the speaker system was only a few metres away) I asked one cult cop who was at the scene “hey, what’s with those speakers?” and he simply replied, “I hear any more of this ‘crazy talk’ from you and you might find yourself in a mental home.” and narrowed his eyes and gave me a serious look to convey, “No, don’t even go there”. There were large speaker systems built on the property of the fish factory on Hopkins St that was previously destroyed by arson, and these speakers were being used to hypnotise me and as an acoustic weapon.

*** I think they stuck me in a paddywagon for five minutes to deeply shock me as part of a trauma-based mind-control ritual to induce traumatic amnesia and identity loss related to dissociation. Later when I was in the mental ward my father smuggled items for the cult in during visits. He showed me my keys and a small tool used to deflate tyres. I asked him why he does this stuff and what would happen if you don’t? He just replied “You know.” He said that he was tasked with showing me these items to “see if I remember them” (maybe being earlier “arrested” in the back of a paddywagon for five minutue was supposed to traumatise me to cause amnesia) and the tyre deflating tool probably refers to how my old car was stranded on the side of a street with its tyre deflated by the cult, who didn’t want me to learn to drive for some reason.

***THE EXACT SAME THING happened to my friend B. who was also a cult victim. He was also put in a paddywagon for a few minutes and then let out again and told me on MSN about this incident and just said, “I don’t know why”. This happened when he got busted for bomb-making after somebody found his stash of chemicals in bushland at Somersby NSW. There used to be a news report of this incident and a video of the bomb squad disposing of the explosives they uncovered but I can’t find it anymore. It happened at Somersby, NSW.
*** On the day after the drug lab went down we were living in the car because the house was closed off and the drug lab was being removed and my parents tried to lure me into a cult related property of some sort in town behind the pub by driving up to it and saying “oh, we can’t go anywhere, we’re too low on fuel what do we do now?” and then waiting, and then saying “oh, I need to charge the phone, where can I charge it, oh inside here. Anybody is free to go inside this building.” and he went inside to charge the phone. I saw some old man and P plate car repeatedly circling us a few times (we were in the car and me still refusing to go inside) and someone I recognised as a high school staff member also watching and driving around us. Another old man appeared and saw me and my family and said “oh, it’s just you guys.” I had forgotten about this man until I saw him again, but I recognised him as associated with a party (maybe the host?) that when I was young I was driven to in the back of a van or small bus. I refused to go inside the cult building and started to make a scene in town shouting at my father to fuck off and in the IGA I took a knife out of its packaging, and wrote HELP on a piece of paper and showed it to the Bi-Lo CCTV cameras. The IGA staff called the cops who arrived and put me in the back of a modified plastic paddywagon. The paddywagon had been modified with crudely drilled holes with a refrigerator unit blowing cool air at me and two vertical purplish (UV?) lamps that made a loud humming noise all the way on the trip to the Bega mental ward where the other patients and some staff were cult-involved too, and the other patients told me the cult had sent them there as as disciplinary measure. I don’t know if these are standard features in a plastic paddywagon, that’s the only plastic paddywagon I’ve seen the insides of so I don’t know. But that was weird. When we arrived at the Bega mental ward/hospital the cops said between each other “it’s cool out here today” or something (it was overcast), but it might have been a joke about the cool air blowing in my face during the trip. One of the cops who took me to the mental ward was the same cop who threatened to have me put in a mental home if I didn’t shut up about the giant speaker systems aimed at my room in Hopkins St on the site of the fish factory that had been destroyed by arson previously (he was standing in the drive way a few metres from the speaker system but didn’t even turn around when I asked what the speakers were about, and inside just narrowed his eyes, glared at me and said, “Anymore of this “crazy talk” from you and you might find yourself in a mental home.”

*** On the night after the drug lab was busted I was sleeping in the car with my parents because the house was off-limits and at night near all the new housing opposite the high school a bunch of teenagers walked past who were carrying pillows and bedding and they saw and apparently recognised me and shouted things like “Yeah, go on and have a sook!” I don’t know how or why these people all know me but I don’t know them… they are from the cult.


The cult is killing people with a vehicular sabotage technique known as the “Boston brakes”. I suspect that it may involve sabotage of the ABS/traction/stability control in order to make the wheels on one side of the sabotaged vehicle spin slower than the other side in order to cause the vehicle to swerve, as well as disabling the foot brake. This is done under remote-control of a sabotaged vehicle by assassins in a car that follows the target vehicle. I don’t know much about cars, but this is my theory at the moment.

Cult assassins make the target vehicle swerve into an on-coming truck (like the Tom Buckland murder), and perhaps also another technique is to make the vehicle swerve while it is speeding next to a row of solid objects. Swerving into a row of objects such as trees or concrete columns will ensure 100% chance of a collision, whereas when aiming for a single isolated object the car might miss it. (These webpages are also saved on here)

*** Soon after I took driving lessons and got my Ps the cult murdered somebody I went to school with. The murder victim Tom Buckland had a “shy and intelligent” personality (like myself) and he died behind the wheel of a black Manga (the same model and colour the cult knew that I wanted as a teenager). The cult murdered Tom Buckland so that when I saw in the Canberra Times a photo of the crash site with the black Magna (that I wanted to buy) and a shy young man (like myself) who died in it, I would know it was ‘them’ and it would trip me out (“mind rape”). But it didn’t trip me out until more than a year after it happened because that’s when I started consciously noticing that something weird was going on.

*** Also, recently in 2013 when I was researching his death, I typed “bredbo car accident” into Google and hackers had modified the Google webpage to include “666” (a man-in-the-middle attack) on it to claim responsibility for sabotaging Tom’s car and making it swerve into a truck, killing him in 2011. There was another similar fatal crash too. Witnesses even say (look up the news report on, original link is dead now) that his car was seen slowly drifting onto the oncoming path of a truck, slow enough that the truck could attempt to avoid it but the car continued to swerve even more.

*** “A truck travelling north made every attempt to avoid the car by swerving off the road, the truck was swerving right off the road to get out of the way for some reason he kept coming across to the wrong side of the road and unfortunately collided with the truck,” Inspector Varley said. The police officer said there was no indication the young man swerved to avoid wildlife or debris on the road.”

*** A Monaro cop said in the news report that it appears Tom fell asleep at the wheel but that’s no reason to believe the Monaro cop was “in on it” of course, because I didn’t realise it was murder until over a year after it happened, either.

*** Several months earlier prior to the Tom Buckland murder I took driving lessons and got my provisional licence. Several years ago Tori’s best friend and next door neighbour Laura K. also purchased a black Magna. The cult is using hypnosis to accomplish this (Tori’s best friend Laura K and Tom Buckland were hypnotised using electronic weapons into buying the same make and colour car–a black Magna–that I wanted, and Tom’s black Magna was sold to him rigged for the “Boston brakes” assassination technique).

*** A bus driver who knew of the murder was yelling at me “It’s all your fault, it’s all your fault!” but I had no idea what he was on about and I thought he was just being rude because at this point in time I did not know the cult existed and I did not know Tom Buckland was murdered.

*** The Tom Buckland murder occurred several months after I took a safety course and driving lessons (as per ACT rules) and got my Ps in the ACT and it appears that during these months the car crash was plotted. I believe the reason the cult did this was to induce dissociative amnesia (traumatic amnesia) to make me forget how to drive–this is related to the formation of alters in people who suffer from dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). I don’t even know why the cult doesn’t want me to drive, the only clues I got were my cars being stolen/tyres flattened as a teenager and one boy at school quietly taking me aside and telling me “But you’re not allowed to drive…” when I was in high school.

*** I noticed in the Canberra Times photo of the crash site that the black Magna Tom Buckland died in was fitted with rims. These stylish rims might have been fitted so that the rigged vehicle would appeal to a young man looking to buy a car.

*** Cult hackers in March 2013 made ‘666’ appear on Google when I typed ‘bredbo car accident’ (see harassment/intimidation/stalking section for my diary entry of the incident) as a “joke”, to claim responsibility for the murder and to announce that they had been watching the webpages I visit. I think it was a man-in-the-middle attack and if you type “Gang-stalking” into Google and read other people’s stories of being stalked by this conspiracy, other people all around the world are reporting that hackers are modifying their Google search results using a man-in-the-middle attack.

*** I remember seeing the black Magna on his Facebook photo (I looked up his FB after he died) and in the Canberra Times article in the crash scene photo and remember staring at it as if it had some significance but I didn’t know what (I recall now, years ago maybe 17-18yo it was a black Magna that I wanted to buy).
*** The following is an extract from an online community centered around ski-traffic reports, describing a vehicle fleeing from the scene of the murder of Tom Buckland by vehicular sabotage:

>>”Sometime earlier in the trip before Cooma, I was 3rd in a line of cars, we were going down one of the straights, when a little red car coming the other way ducked out and overtook another cutting back in with less than a second to spare before a collision would have occurred with the 4wd at the front of the line I was in. The driver and passengers in the red car were laughing and carrying on, the driver and passenger in the car they overtook were looking very shocked, I’m sure the driver at the front of the queue would have had a similar look and probably had to change their pants, they only just had time to start taking evasive action when the car pulled out before it was back in and past.”
—Quote from a witness on an online forum dedicated to snow traffic reports, you can find the online forum on Google by typing “Bredbo car accident”.
[Look up on YouTube the video titled “Digital Carjackers Show Off New Attacks”, the video by Forbes] It shows a Prius in this video, but the older Magna that Tom Buckland was murdered in wouldn’t have so much that can be controlled by computers (would it?), including the steering, like the Prius in that video? I think it may have something to do with the (remote-controllable, with a radio receiver built in) sabotage of the ABS brakes causing the wheels on one side to spin slower than the other side, causing the vehicle to swerve into a collision and the foot brake to be disabled… that’s my theory at the moment, anyway. I don’t know much about cars, but the ABS is controlled by a computer and can make individual wheels spin at different speeds and override the brake pedal, am I correct? I think they hack the ABS.

*** Cars are probably rigged for Boston brakes incidents after being stolen and then recovered somewhere, apparently “intact”. This is what the author of the ‘Boston brakes’ article on claims. In Tom Buckland’s case I believe they sold the rigged car directly to him after hypnotising him with their electronic weapons to make him want to buy a black Magna, and the stylish rims that were fitted to this Magna (as seen in the Canberra Times photo) may have been installed so the vehicle would appeal to a young man. Yes, that’s what I think they did. They also hypnotised Tori’s neighbour and best friend Laura K. to want to buy a black Magna several years ago, and she did.

*** M. was almost killed (along with two others that were) in a crash involving a blue Ford XR6 near Sancturary Point. A blue Ford XR6 was the vehicle the social workers took me to the Redbank mental institution after my mother told the school staff behind my back that I complained of “hearing voices” when I said no such thing and I was whisked away one morning out of roll-call. Again, I am pretty sure that the Ford XR6 involved in the accident M. was in was a BLUE Ford. Like the blue Ford XR6 in which I was taken to a mental institution for ‘schizophrenia’ which I do not have when I was 16. It needs to be confirmed that the Ford XR6 involved in the accident on Jervis Bay Rd in 2010 was BLUE, because I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure it was a blue Ford XR6, the same make and model vehicle I was taken to a mental instituion along with my brother when I was 16. However, I have no reason to think the cult could have known this so I believe it might just be a coincidence. I have no contact with M. any more, but you can ask him what vehicle the crash occurred in and if there was anything suspicious about it because he survived. A Proton was also seen “travelling with” the vehicle M. almost died in–could this Proton have served a similar purpose as the red car seen fleeing the scene of Tom Buckland’s murder that was filled with people “laughing and carrying on”? The small red car was the vehicle in which the cult assassins were remote-controlling Tom Buckland’s brakes and steering. I don’t know about this one, you’d have to ask M.!



The cult subjects its people to severe sexual/psychological abuse at around age 3-4yo to induce dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder).

*** At night when she thought I was asleep, I would hear my mother say “I’m sick” repeatedly outside my door. It is a hypnotic trigger designed to cause me to switch into an amnesic trance related to DID/MPD during which my body is used for unknown purposes. You know the film Psycho (1960) when Norman Bates ‘switches’ into another personality and then doesn’t realise or remember it afterwards? This is probably the most famous (fictional) portrayal of a DID/MPD sufferer, if you’ve heard of it anywhere it would be Psycho (1960). DID/MPD is caused by significant childhood trauma, almost always Satanic ritual abuse or severe sexual abuse (which makes up part of Satanic ritual abuse).

The hypnotic cue “I’m sick” or “look Andrew, I’m sick, look your mum is sick” triggers me to go into an amnesic personality within my DID/MPD system. The trigger phrase “I’m sick” was implanted at young age by associating it with something extremely traumatic that, as a toddler, I had to dissociate and become amnesic to survive the trauma, and as an adult “I’m sick” would remind my mind of this event and trigger me to go back into this amnesic trance state. While I am triggered into the “I’m sick” state, I am used for unknown purposes.

My mother once said the hypnotic trigger after I returned from university during the day time, and it caused me to completely trip out/get stunned out and when I try to remember the incident, it’s fuzzy as if it happened in a dream. Usually she would say it at night once she thought I was asleep, and once when I was lying in bed with the lights off she said “I’m sick” outside my door and I got out of bed and she said “Come on…” in a different voice to her normal voice. When I slammed open my door she was waiting at the end the hallway waiting for me to follow her.

Upon hearing my mother say “I’m sick” outside my door, I get up and follow my mother down the hallway while in a sleepwalking trance and my body was being used for unknown purposes, and this lies outside my conscious awareness! It is related to dissociative identity disorder (DID/MPD)! I have no idea what she makes me do! Organised pedophiles (which is what the Illuminati is mostly about) use this phenonmenon to abuse chlidren so that they can’t remember it afterwards (look up the article titled “Pedophiles understand dissociation, so should you” on Google), but she was still doing this to me at age 22 and I have no idea what my body is being used for while I’m sleepwalking! Once I caught my mother saying “I’m sick” outside my door while I was awake and lying in bed with the lights off, and I rushed outside to confront her and asked her what the hell she was doing and she panicked and blurted out “Nothing! I’m not checking to see if your lights are on!” SHE BLURTED IT OUT! SHE INADVERTENTLY BLURTED OUT AND ADMITTED that she was checking to see if the lights were on under the gap of my door, then when the lights were off she would use the hypnotic trigger “I’m sick” to cause me to dissociate into an amnesic sleepwalking trance, get out of bed and follow her down the hallway.

In addition to the words “I’m sick” there was another hypnotic trigger my mother would use outside my door while she thought I was asleep during 2012: The rustling sound of Pringles/chips. This sound was something my mother used to make me do stuff (junk food as a reward) when I was a kid while awake under normal circumstances… these programming triggers appear to be rooted in stuff that happened to me as a kid! The cops who tried to kidnap me on the 21st Oct arranged a bizzare ritual for me after I got out of Pambula hospital that involved me drinking tap-water from a bottle labelled “sorbitol” in an attempt to make me feel “trust” towards the cult because as a teenager I inadvertently poisoned myself with sorbitol, and these cult cops knew about this event and were using it to manipulate my mind! These programming triggers are based on stuff that happened to me as a kid. The only way those cult police officers could have known about the sorbitol poisoning is if they had hackers watching my MSN conversations when I was in high school. They were watching the MSN conversations I had between other SRA victims (including B. and Tori) when I was a teenager to learn about stuff that happened to us as kids, then using these events as triggers.

This is one of the “crazier” sounding things about the cult, and I’m afraid absolutely nobody will believe me.

Not just my mother, but my landlord would ask me “I sometimes talk in my sleep, you don’t hear me talk at night do you? I don’t want to disturb you, that’s all” I suspect it is possible that my landlord could have been doing the same thing to me at night.

Suspiciously, my old landlord also asked once “My friend’s daughter was being targetted by a cult trying to groom her and my friend is upset about it, do you know what a cult is, Andrew? Do you understand the dynamics of a cult?” I think my landlord was one of “them”, and he was asking this question about his “friend’s daughter” (supposedly) to subtly probe me to see if I knew about “it” (I did not, I had no idea I was born into a cult or that the cult existed because I’m a loner and avoided other cult members all my life, but the cult had one of their members reply to my shared accommodation-wanted ad when I went to uni, and they also arranged all my friends for me (I’m not sure how and neither were they)… all my friends were also ritual abuse/mind control victims. (Tori, B. and M.) Tori fled to Queensland with six of her previous romantic partners who all began to realise what was going on, suggesting that all Tori’s close relationships were arranged for her with other cult victims as well. I remember that Tori’s friends in High School had online usernames such as “sadomasochist_01” and “creeper” and “blood_red_river”, and one online name I used when I was 11yo or so was “Dark_Reaper”–indicators of programming by Satanic ritual abuse.

When AFP detectives were at my door investigating the importation of chemistry equipment, they must have talked to Tori previously and had some idea what was going on. They said, “We thought we’d… talk to you while your landlord wasn’t home” and gave me a funny smile. I believe those AFP detectives knew my landlord was one of “them”.

*** I tried to tell my psychiatric case manager about the cult but he believed my mother’s lies that I was a “schizophrenic” and told me “No, you wouldn’t be so calm if the cult was real”. I am calm on the outside (and I feel calm) due to the amnesia/dissociation associated with dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) and DID/MPD is also why cult members can seem calm, functional and relatively “normal” in their day-to-day lives, but be involved in extraordinary and unthinkable activities while they are “in the zone”.

*** While I was in the drug lab in 2012 a whole bunch of people were in our front yard one morning banging on the door/walls and wailing in frustration “Where is Andrew, we haven’t heard from him in 5 months (or weeks), what are you making him do?!” The cult members screaming at my parents “What are you making him do?!” suggests that my parents understand the cult’s mind-control/hypnotic techniques and have been trained to use them on me and my brother. The cult members screaming “We haven’t heard from him in 5 weeks/months” probably refers to how they were watching my MSN conversations with other cult victims and my Internet use to monitor my progress, and they thought I disappeared/ran away because while I was in the drug lab I stopped using the Internet for a long period of time to concentrate on chemistry.

*** Some of the nurses at the Bega ward noticed that I literally became the mental age of a small child at times, this is a symptom of dissociative identity disorder.

*** I was subjected to Satanic ritual abuse within a cult family, but this also happens in Satanic preschools such as McMartin preschool (USA) and Mornington Peninsula preschool here in Australia where they groom hundreds of kids at a time (I have included a file on Mornington under ‘savedwebpages’–police failed to adequately investigate Mornington Peninsula, AKA. cover up). My parents were programmed in a similar manner, their relationship was arranged by the cult and they were taught to groom me along with other cult members.
The kids who attended Mornington preschool afterwards would say bizzare things like “Santa Claus is bad… he shoots people”. This is the expression of repressed trauma, similar to how in Year 4 I would tell the other kids to “worship death” and tie a string around Ms Reid’s classroom plush toy and then hold a “funeral” for it in a plastic tub (the coffin) and an egg-carton as the tombstone. I was unconsciously re-enacting the cult rituals I was subjected to likely at age 3-4yo.
The Satanic ritual abuse that occurred at Mornington Pensinsula (see ‘savedwebpages/mornington.html’) allegedly involved Satanists “peeing on” the children, and a child who had attended the preschool was observed taking to peeing on his older sister, mimicking the repressed memories of abuse/trauma. Similarly, in primary school I would terrorise my cat and younger brother with party-poppers, unconsciously re-enacting what I strongly believe I had been subjected to myself. This progressed to moving on to low explosive devices, starting fires at school with homemade napalm, writing TNT on toilet paper rolls and filling them with pine needles and watching them burn, scaring my cat with butane fireballs, blowing up matchhead salutes at age 10-14, which by age 17yo progressed threatening to kill people with sophisticated high explosives.

M. also had the same emotional disturbances. M. was on the national news for threatening to blow up his brothers with high explosives at Sanctuary Point, NSW when they upset him and was busted at age 15 (he knew a LOT about improvised explosives at this age), and he was accused of causing over 60 local detonations. The court-appointed psychologist didn’t know what was wrong with him and simply commented that M. appeared to be “proud” of his bombs. The third friend B. made more numerous and the most powerful high-explosive devices of all of us 3.

I believe all three of us were abused with party-poppers as a means of mind-control/programming, to make us compulsively learn to develop explosives for a feeling of power/control as a response to repressed memories of sadistic abuse with party-poppers at perhaps age 3-4yo. When I got bored of explosives, I moved onto drug chemistry. It seemed like the natural progression as a clandestine chemist. It was satisfying to get the chemistry working, I wasn’t interested in the result of my experiments so much as I was in the technical challenge. However, B. was not into drugs and moved onto chemical weapons.

In primary school I would receive packages from somebody my parents referred to as “Uncle Michael” or “Michael the Painter” and they contained a box/packaging with a picture of a toy gun on it, pocket knives and party-poppers (bombs), as well as a few coloured bricks. My father would give me these items, but when my mother saw the parcels she seemed reluctant if I recall. These were hypnotic cues designed to trigger underlying cult programming in some manner.

*** My old drawings, also included with this file (folder ‘old drawings’). You can see the unconscious re-enactment/portrayals of the repressed memories of Satanic abuse themes I was subject to likely at age 3-4. This phenonmenon of unconsciously re-enacting repressed childhood abuse is used as a means of cult trauma-based mind-control in grooming children to be “evil”.

*** One patient at the ward, perhaps referring to how my memory was erased (the cops tried to anyway, I think it’s possible that’s what the ritual in the back of the paddywagon was for), described this phenonenon as “[what I used to be] in my previous life” and my father also said the day after the drug lab went down that, “This is the beginning of your life.” Is is possible that amnesia related to dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) is explained within the cult ideology as being “reborn”? I don’t know, I was never indoctrinated into the cult’s ideology.

*** “The Dirtiest Secret” saved under [webpages/dirtiest.htm] is a website titled “Pedophiles Understand Dissociation, So Should You”. Very interesting and informative.

*** I read on a child abuse resource website that symptoms of child abuse include unconscious re-enacting/compulsive behaviour towards the theme of the abusive event. This is likely the reason behind why me and the other kids who had been programmed by SRA would become obsessed with guns, bombs/party-poppers, knives, skulls, pentagrams, occult imagery and death and gore (see my drawings).

*** I read that serial killers symbolically kill their victims to unconsciously re-enact personal traumas to gain control over them and I think that’s what my programmers tried to do with me by setting party-poppers and toy guns off in my face when I was a kid. I don’t remember it (I don’t remember much, for that matter), but I’m sure they did it.

*** My parents once zoned out and had a bizzare discussion among themselves about the beach and salty water. For example, is it healthy to drink salty water, is drinking salty water bad for your kidneys, the dog going to ‘salt water parties’, they were going on between each other like that for some time. I think this was caused by the trauma of finding the fish factory building that neighbours our property on fire (arson) one morning. This factory property was where the speaker system was built. The cops evacuated them and they went to the beach and brought the dog. That part of their mind is ‘stuck in time’ when the trauma happened and I think that’s what the zoning out and going on about the ‘dog having a salt water party’ was about. The speaker system was constructed on a frame perhaps 2-metres tall made from square steel tube, made up of a number of speakers at the site of the burnt fish factory.

*** After I got out of the ward and a few months after the speaker systems were pulled down, cherry-pickers and workmen removed the blackened crumped corrugated iron roofing and the concrete fan cases that were hanging from the roof. There were a lot more remnants left after the factory fire back when the speakers were still there. The images of the fish processing plant were taken after they dismantled most of the remnants of the burnt factory which were still standing at the time that the speakers were there. The photo illustrates where the frame and speaker systems were sitting. I overheard my parents talking about a large array of car batteries. This is what may have supplied power to the speakers. In 2012 I also overheard my father saying that he had consulted the fire brigade who had informed him that “…this radiation was not sufficient to cause a fire,” so I suspect that my parents and the fire brigade knew about the electromagnetic radiation weapon that made my body feel hot all over.

*** A cult drug dealer who said he got kicked out of school because he was always “being bad and didn’t know why” sat next to me on a coach/bus, and I think the cult put him on that bus to make contact with me. He sat next to me after exclaiming “are you the guy who makes bombs?” and on his phone was a picture of a cannabis leaf (like the single cannabis leaf my best friend in Year 8 A. Salter brought to school to show me) and a second picture of a neon blue magic mushroom. A neon blue magic mushroom was the logo of the where I met the online best friend M.). Maybe this was just a coincidence, though.

*** I don’t know if it was before or after the car crash he was in that M. stopped wanting to do bad things but didn’t explain why and tried to hint to me that “If you do something, don’t tell anyone”. He became wise to what was going on before I did.

*** Even before I had heard of dissociation I noticed that I “am different around different people”.

*** The cult murdered Tom Buckland by vehicular sabotage. Tom Buckland had a “shy and intelligent” personality like myself, and the rigged car he died in was a black Magna–the same model and colour car I wanted to get when I was a teenager and the ‘joke’ was that when I saw a guy with the same personality as myself die behind the wheel the same model and colour car that I wanted on the news, it was supposed to trip me out (mind-rape) and make me see myself in his place. This occurred several months after I took driving lessons (you can get your Ps in the ACT by taking several professional driving lessons) and got my Ps, and during this time the murder plot was probably hatched. I didn’t realise any of this until 2012, and I realised the cult has done other things to prevent me from driving over the last several years. I don’t even know why they don’t want me to drive? It’s not like anybody ever told me, all I know is that my old cars would get stolen and/or have their tyres deflated and another boy at school took me aside and told me, “But you’re not allowed to drive…” I think the murder of Tom Buckland was a mind-control ritual designed possibly to induce dissociative amnesia (traumatic amnesia) to make me forget my ability to drive. Furthermore, when in the Bega mental ward my father smuggled some items in during a visit to show me to them (my keys and a tool used to deflate tyres) on behalf of the cult, and when I asked him “What is this?” he told me he was “seeing if I still remember [the items]”. When I asked him, “Why do you do this stuff?! What happens if you don’t?” he just replied “Yeah… you know.” (You get killed??)

*** It appears that I was put through the foundation work (early indoctrination), but not the later steps (such as the martial arts and indoctrination into the belief system) so I think I just wandered off astray and became kind of an anomaly. When I mean I wasn’t indoctrinated into the belief system, what I mean is like a young cult member in the Bega mental ward became confused when I told I had never done martial arts. I was taken to a class when I was a kid but didn’t want to go in. When I told him I had never done martial arts he become confused and asked, “Oh, so… so does that mean you create your own ‘luck’?” ‘Luck’ (and ‘magic’, in high school Tori would tell me that she’s ‘magic’ and she had a spell book for some reason) probably refers to the bizzare symbolic events that other cult members secretly arrange for us, often using mind-control to accomplish them. He also mentioned how I have a number/score (he said mine was “over 125” and knew because he “asked somebody” before he came to the Bega mental ward) which is associated with me. I have no idea what this number means, but he seemed enthusiastic about my number and said it’s “an honour to meet you, brother”.

*** “Sheep Head” also called “Sixty-Six”, sometimes referred to “Sheep Head Sixty-Six”. He told me “Sheep Head” was “German” or something, it was a card game my father would play with me and my brother as a kid. It was similar to Hearts but the game did not give a special significance to hearts, if I recall. You would win (or something) when your cards added up to sixty-six (666). “Sheep Head 66(6)” Sheep head probably means the same thing as a goat’s head (Satanism, animal sacrifice) I have photos of the ragged score sheets from this card game and they are covered in swastikas I drew in pen as a young child. I didn’t even know what the swastika meant, and half the time I drew the lines incorrectly. In primary school I just thought swastikas were ‘awesome’ or ‘cool’, which is the same way I’ve felt about guns and explosives all my life. B. was also interested in Nazis on a superficial level.

*** [sear_mark_possibly_cattle_prod.jpg] I have these marks/moles on my body and I suspected that these marks could have been caused by a cattle prod in early in life used to induce dissociation. I sent this photo to another cult victim over Facebook asking if that person had the similar marks and I never got a reply, but instead I came under fierce assault for a few months with organised noise harassment and electronic weapons like I did in 2012 and soon after I sent the FB message, my car was broken into and the rear-vision mirror flipped to symbollically convey the threat “watch your back”. Cult hackers were clearly watching my Facebook activity to monitor my communication channels. One side of the mark used to be a raised mole but I removed it (myself, didn’t see a doctor, so there’s no record). One dot was a mole and one dot was just a lighter brown mark… the mole might have been caused by one prong of the cattle prod pressing harder and searing the flesh more than the other prong, which only left a brown mark. Or maybe the two equally spaced moles are just a coincidence and I was born with them. Do any other mind-control victims have these marks?

*** The cult has hypnotic electronic weapons that can be used to modify behaviour in the following ways: they can make people want to buy a car of a particular model and colour (Laura K. and Tom Buckland and the black Magnas, the same model/colour I wanted) and they can hypnotise particular cult girls to become attracted to particular cult boys (Tori B. and Tahlia B. both with the initials T.B. and both girls demonstrated symptoms that they had been programmed by Satanic ritual abuse. I don’t know if their hypnotic electronic weapons work on the general public who haven’t been subjected to Satanic ritual abuse (and developed DID/MPD as a result). Wikipedia says that patients with DID/MPD “have the highest susceptibility to hypnosis of any clinical group”.

*** Years ago I remember writing Yahoo! Answers questions like “My baby ate from my drug stash and isn’t breathing, help?” (but quite a bit more elaborate and convincing than that example) along with another guy on MSN and putting these sorts of questions into the Parenting or Family sections of Yahoo! Answers for the sadistic entertainment of seeing the panicked online responses.

*** After the drug lab went down, the cult police in Eden put me in the back of a paddywagon for five minutes and then let me out after telling me I had been “arrested”. In the paddywagon I said, “Hey, it’s getting hot in here…” but the cult police just sat in the front seat, staring straight ahead without talking for about five minutes, then let me out. Bizzare. Being stuck in the back of a paddywagon by the cult cops who tried to kidnap me and being “arrested” then let out a few minutes later was supposed to shock me deeply for some purpose, I suspect possibly to induce dissociative amnesia of the events surrounding the incident. The exact same ritual was performed on B. when he got busted with explosives at Somersby in 2009 or 2010, which is how I know B. was also a ritual abuse/mind-control victim. Last contact I had with B. he was developing clandestine/improvised syntheses for chemical weapons (nerve agents).

Similarly, the murder of Tom Buckland was supposed to make me forget everything I knew about driving due to dissociative amesia, I suspect. This page: say that when a part of a DID/MPD sytem is traumatised beyond coping it will retire (causing amnesia of events surrounding the trauma) and a new alter would be formed to take its place. That would explain why my father started treating me as a little kid again straight after the cops traumatised me by “arresting” me and putting me alone in the back of a paddywagon for five minutes to shock me, then letting me out again and I never heard back from them. I literally became like a small child again while I was in the Bega mental ward (I was admitted the day after the drug lab went down), and some nurses noticed this. I know that B. was also subject to Satanic ritual abuse and mind-control because when he got busted at Somersby, NSW with explosives in 2009 or 2010 I think (the bomb squad had to do a controlled explosion on one of his blasting caps) the cult police at Somersby also put him in the back of a paddywagon for five minutes to shock him deeply, then let him out again after telling him that he had been “arrested” and he never heard back from them. He told me about this over MSN and told me that he had no idea what was going on. It’s a cult mind-control ritual, possibly intended to induce dissociative amnesia.

*** In 2012 and perhaps, I had maybe for an entire week hypnosis-induced dreams of all the bad things I’ve ever done. I would dream of a meth lab (In the dream I was running it on a playground and doing a Birch reduction and the ammonia was a green blob), a Sten Mark 2 submachine gun (in the dream three of the weapons were slung around my shoulder) and another night I would dream about setting off homemade bombs to commit mass murder for sadistic pleasure, and a dream where a bunch of people were telling me “Give us the speed”. The cult’s electronic weapons can modify our dreams to insert specific phrases, they also in 2013 made me have a vivid dream of a crowd of people asking me, “Do you have something to tell us?”

Similarly, on the day when I freaked out and ran onto the golf course screaming for help, when I got out of Pambula hospital my father pointed out a cigarette lighter which was a hypnotic trigger that referred to how my early crimes included setting fires at school with homemade ‘napalm’ when I was 14. Also, when I was in primary school I remember getting trigger cues in a parcel from an “Uncle” Michael” (“Michael the Painter”): small coloured plastic bricks, party-poppers (bombs) and it came in a box that a toy gun was sold in (the box had a picture of a gun). Michael later would mail me cheap pocket knives on a couple of occassions. I found these items very interesting at the time. At this age I was attracted to the toy gun packaging and really hoped there would be one inside.

*** In high school Tori and I would be amused by the graphic lyrics of bands like Lord Gore and Cannibal Corpse. We’d recite them on the bus and show them to other kids at school to horrify them, but we saw it as just innocent fun at the time. It was more horrifying to an outside observer than it was to us. I once wrote some similarly graphic lyrics with similar themes around age 15 or 16 but I don’t have any surviving examples. I also remember showing gore and scat photos to other kids in class to gross them out for amusement, but it was more apparent how disturbing this was to those around me than it was to me. From my perspective it was just relatively innocent fun. This is the unconscious re-enacting/depicting of Satanic ritual abuse and repressed childhood trauma, probably from around the age of 3-4yo. In 2013 the cult would use their hypnotic electronic weapon to cause me to have nightmares of gore and scat, so I strongly suspect that these themes make up part of their sadistic child abuse rituals as well (they have to be extremely traumatic to successfully induce severe dissociation).

*** During the daytime I also recall my mother using the phrase “I’m sick, look Andrew, your mum is sick” and pointing out electrode pads (same as the ones the doctors put on me after I got taken to Pambula Hospital on the 21st Oct 2012) on her shoulder. It triggered a trance state. My memory of her doing this (during the daytime) is vague… very fuzzy… as if it happened in a dream but it didn’t, which further leads me to believe that the cue “I’m sick” is related to an amnesic trance, a hypnotic trigger associated with my DID/MPD system and the programming rituals that were done to me as a toddler.

*** The cult police who tried to hit me with the chloroform rag put their hands into my pocket while I was on the ground (which is tight, difficult to force your hand into), and I did not even feel the wallet slip from my pocket and my vision appeared to ‘skip a frame’ of animation. One moment the wallet was in my pocket, the next moment I saw it in the cop’s hand and I didn’t feel it slip out of my pocket. During all this I was so panicked that liquids given to me to drink tasted “off”, I could barely talk or stand and collapsed repeatedly and began dry-heaving. In 2012 my father also noticed that liquids tasted “off” and I heard him comment on this. I suspect this phenonmenon is related to DID/MPD, or perhaps the cult’s electronic weapons causing hallucinations and sensory distortions again with hypnosis. My father froze up as still as a statue for 20 seconds or so one or two days before 21st Oct in the living room, indicating presence of the cult’s hypnotic weapons. In 2013 when being assaulted heavily by electronic weapons the same thing happened again to both my parents and I repeatedly became very sleeply (I could snap out of it though) and kept falling deep into a trance, and I suffered hallucinations of gross stuff from when I was a kid.

*** In the Bega mental ward I smuggled a bottle of DXM (cough syrup) to get high on the same way I used to when I was 17-18yo. At this age, I was into illegal gunsmithing and when high on DXM suddenly I was flooded with all the memories of when I was 17-18yo and I excitedly began rapidly talking about everything I knew about guns with another cult member in the ward! Getting high on DXM was a hypnotic trigger to ‘switch’ into my dissociated personality of when I was about age 17-19yo during which time I would abuse DXM, and when I told the other cult member about how, wow after getting high on DXM I could suddenly remember everything from age 17-19 the cult member told me “Yeah, just do whatever you have to do.” The other cult member in the ward was familiar with the phenomenon of people suffering from DID/MPD using hypnotic triggers on themselves to make themselves ‘switch’ into alternate personality states. I also witnessed two cult members in the ward ‘switch’ right in front of me, they started talking between each other solmnly as “brothers”, doing the secret handshake.

*** When I started freaking out on Facebook in 2012 (Hannah Broomfield saw these Facebook posts and replied to some of them), a cult hacker sent me a hypnotic cue using Tori’s hacked Facebook account: “What’s crackin?” That is the same phrase that years ago, A. Salter posted on my Facebook wall, to which I replied on Facebook “Not much.” The cult’s programmers had been analysing my writing style on my Facebook Wall to identify my dissociated parts. They were looking for a part of my DID/MPD system that would feel disinterested/calm, stop talking, stop remembering and feel like “not much/nothing” is happening, and when I started freaking out on Facebook they used Tori’s hacked Facebook account to send me a hypnotic trigger which was the same phrase that A. Salter posted on my FB wall years ago to try and make me switch back into a “calm/disinterested” dissociated personality where I can’t remember what’s going on and I stop being able to talk. I don’t know if “What’s crackin'” actually does anything, but my mother saying “I’m sick” or “your mum is sick, look Andrew, look, I’m sick” definitely triggers a major dissociative reaction in me (full-blown amnesic trance during which my body can be used for unknown purposes). I know this sounds confusing to most people, and I want to speak to a therapist who understands severe dissociative disorders (multiple personality disorder), ritual abuse and mind-control (I can’t afford one) and I want a therapist who understands these things to attest to the fact that this is what I have been subjected to, in court.

If you research DID/MPD on the Internet you will find that there is a significant propganda/disinformation campaign created by organised pedophiles/Satanists aimed at discrediting the existence of DID/MPD (they propagate the “DID/MPD is caused by therapists, not trauma” theory) by the very same people trying to claim that memories of childhood sadistic/Satanic abuse that victims start remembering in adulthood are the result of a bullshit made-up disorder called “False Memory Syndrome”. Interestingly, psychiatrists associated with the “False Memory Syndrome” theory have links to the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA (testing of trauma-based mind-control on unwitting subjects) and board member Dr. Ralph Underwagner had to resign his position after he was quoted calling pedophila “God’s will” and “certainly a responsible choice”, and both the False Memory Syndrome Foundation’s founding members were accused by their adult daughter of incest. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation has an office here in Australia too, send the the bastards your warm regards!

*** On the day after I ran onto the golf course when the drug lab went down I got sent to the Bega mental ward after stealing a knife out of its packaging from the Eden IGA, yelling and making a scene in town because my parents (and a few other people I saw watching, circling and tapping on phones from a distance, I saw one vehicle circle ours three times) were trying to lure me into a cult-related property. I’m not sure for what purpose.

A middle-aged man at the mental ward told me how he was brought there after being ‘kidnapped’ by cult’s security team who found him while he was visiting his parents in Moruya, yet was cheerful about it and remarkably unbothered, as if it was ‘normal’. I told a patient, an older lady who was also involved with the cult, that whoah, cult cops had tried to kidnap me and she was not surprised and told me, “Yeah, yeah, half the cops are in on it!”, that “we’re the little pawns”, and that that “the Mafia” buys/trafficks us as slaves.

The cult is disciplining its people by sending us to mental wards when we screw up, because they know if we tell the psychiatrist what we witnessed (hysterically rambling about a whole bunch of normal-seeming people “out to get” us, subliminal messages in news reports about car crashes, mind-control, electronic weapons, mass surveillance, huge conspiracy, government cover-ups, Satanists/Illuminati/New World Order) even though it’s ALL TRUE(!!), the cult knows that the doctors will misdiagnose people like this as the stereotypical “paranoid schizophrenic” and drug them with anti-psychotic medications accordingly. This is being done in a systematic manner–I’d say maybe 80% of the patients in the Bega mental ward (when I was there) were there because of the cult.

*** In the mental ward courtyard there were interesting slogans painted on the wall by previous patients like “To heal first you must believe, to believe first you must heal.” and a mural that suggested that the artist thought “all beliefs are one in the same”. There was a mural on the wall that read “From Chaos Comes Order” (I recognised this as an Illuminati slogan) and a red devil’s tail on the word “Order”.

*** In the mental ward most the nurses seemed to have some idea what was up and asked me if I’m safe there and whether the cult had access to me there but I lied and said no, but yes at least two of the nurses there were cult members who had let me know that they were when we were alone.

*** My mother was telling the mental ward staff that I was “worried” about the news of the drug lab being in the paper, when I didn’t say such a thing. I don’t know why.

*** When I was in the Bega mental ward I appeared on video uplink to a mental health tribunal but I couldn’t tell them what happened and just told them the “public image” I feel I have to maintain (I am “schizophrenic” and a computer science student). I couldn’t tell the tribunal the truth because my mother insisted in being there next to me and always telling everybody that I am a “schizophrenic” when I am not, which is exactly how she acted when she told my teachers BEHIND MY BACK when I was 16yo that I claimed I was “hearing voices” when I NEVER made such a claim (she clearly just looked up the symptoms of schizophrenia on the Internet), and with no idea what was going on until I was already half-way to Sydney, I was whisked out of roll-call and taken to a mental institution in a social worker’s car, and falsely diagnosed with schizophrenia. The tribunal returned from recess and concluded that I was a ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ based purely on the false diagnosis they gave me when I was 16 and my mother’s lies… what a travesty.

*** Because I had never been to the doctor in my life, I never found out that I had Hepititis D until I was tested at the Bega mental ward when I was 22. I suspect I contracted Hepititis D from child abuse when I was very young and that there has been an attempt to cover it up my whole life. I had never been taken to a doctor in my life (and never brought myself to one while I was at uni). I don’t have the chart, my mother scooped it up and locked it in her wardrobe or something but in the ward when I took a look at it (it was sitting in the staff room), I’m pretty sure I was looking at “Name: Andrew Seefeldt” and “Hepititis D”… maybe I am still in denial, I only saw it once.

*** I told one of the patients, an active cult member, about the speaker system that was inserting dreams into my head at night and he replied, “Oh, you mean visions.” I wasn’t indoctrinated into the cult ideology, but maybe the hypnotic electronic weapons they used to modify my dreams in bizzare ways at night are explained within the cult ideology as ‘having visions’. He also said in a friendly manner, “Yeah, you’re still good, I can tell.” I was talking about guns with him and he said “…you know what this is going to lead to, right?”

*** The cops who tried to kidnap me took my wallet and when I was in the mental ward trying to get it back the nurse was calling the local police and he said that one department would tell him to call another department about the wallet and that one would tell him to call somebody else about and this would go around in circles. I don’t remember how, but eventually it randomly popped up again. When I got my wallet back for the first time (it was taken twice on the same day by cops), a pack of “HELP – RITUAL ABUSE VICTIM” style notes that I had in my wallet concealed between the cards had been removed. Officer 1 also took three USB thumb drives off me that I was carrying when I ran onto the golf course.

*** An older patient at the mental ward (the one who tried to tell me about how Merimbula police abused her and the cult nurse panicked and tried to quiet her) was telling me about her partner, and she appeared to be oblivious to the fact the her partner was abusive. Her mind appeared to be making excuses for her partner on a deep pathological level, as if you wouldn’t be able to reach her and show her the truth. This woman had been declared a “schizophrenic”. She started to tell me that she was hurt by police officers (she pointed Merimbula police station as the nurse drove us by) and was trying to tell me about it when the nurse panicked and told her to be quiet because “we are supposed to be relaxing today”. This nurse only allowed me to have an electronic device that did not have camera.

*** While I was in the mental ward my parents’ car was smashed up with large dents and a broken rear window early in the morning by vandals in retaliation for the events of 21 OCT, presumably.

*** While visiting at the mental ward my father could recognise that some of the staff there had some idea what was going on, and he tried to tell the staff about how “they” (the cult) put him on a plane and sent him to Australia, as opposed to coming here willingly.

*** Inside and outside the mental ward I have seen false diagnoses of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia imposed on cult victims. There was another cult victim besides myself in the Bega mental ward who was also a “schizophrenic” (with the quotes), a couple I’ve observed who were “bipolar”.

*** Haha, I thought it amusing that a nurse at the Bega mental ward jokingly referred to my mental state as “Well… fucked up”

*** When I was talking to another cult patient and he could tell I had no idea what was going on and he would aways say with a friendly smile “Oh, you’ll see.” He was friendly in a hippie way and a Buddhist but with another cult member he would ‘switch’ (dissociate) and they would speak solmnly as “brothers”. Their demeanor would radically change, right in front of me. This is an aspect of DID/MPD and cult programming.

*** A cult member in the mental ward became confused when I said I had never attended martial arts classes. He probably meant the martial arts classes my parents tried to make me do when I was 14 or so in the Eden Primary School hall at night. He became confused when I said I had never taken martial arts and said, “Oh, so you… create your own luck?” I believe these youth martial arts courses could be integral to the cult indoctrination and and also perhaps to teach young recruits hand-to-hand combat and within cult ideology ‘luck’ probably refers to bizzare symbolic events that other cult members secretly arrange for us, like girls with the same initials T.B. being hypnotised to be attracted to me around the same time I was making explosives in high school.

The cult members in the mental ward used the terms “training” and “warriors”. One could tell I had no clue what was going on and told me that what I do is my “training” and that I have a “path to follow in life”.

*** At first, regularly (like every day) the Bega ward staff were asking me the same basic questions, my name, age, where I live, where I live when going to uni etc. possibly to test my memory and sense of identity.

*** In the mental ward my father tried to play the card game he called “Sheep Head 66(6)” with me again for the first time since I was a kid.

*** In the ward while visiting, my father could tell that some of the ward staff had some idea what was going on (of course they would, 80% or so of the patients coming through there were there due to the cult) and he tried to tell the mental ward staff about how “they” put him on a plane to come to Australia, as opposed to immigrating here willingly?

*** In the ward we had a painting/art activity. My mind was blank but I had to paint something, so what I automatically painted was a rainbow coloured swirl, and then I looked at one of the other patient’s paintings of a landscape and then it came back to me “Oh yeah, I could have painted something else like that.” But my mind was “blank” because I literally would become the mental age of a small child at times, I would ‘switch’ and this was apparent to some of the nurses who found it amusing… it is related to DID/MPD. At the time, I could not think of a thing to paint, and what came out was just a rainbow coloured swirl.

Years ago, Tori gave me a strange greeting card she made with pencils with the words “Happy Swirl Day” and a drawing of a rainbow coloured swirl. Could rainbow coloured swirls/discs be have used as a brainwashing prop and now it is imprinted deep in our unconscious? I only remembered that Tori had also once drawn a rainbow swirl sometime after I painted this, and joined the dots. People who have been programmed with SRA unconsciously re-enact and make depictions of their childhood trauma. This is similar to how, when I was in Year 4, I tied string around Ms Reid’s plush frog and buried it in a coffin made from a plastic tub and told the other kids to “worship death” but I didn’t even understand what I was doing or the words I was saying, it just seemed like innocent fun to me. The reason my mind was completely blank, and a rainbow swirl automatically came to me is due to the same phenomenon: the unconscious manifestation of childhood memories of abuse in people with DID/MPD. It’s difficult to describe, I know I don’t sound convincing.

*** In the mental ward there was a female nurse who I tried to tell about the things I saw, and instead of replying she gave me this funny smile and instead suggested that [I stay in Eden because] “there are lots of girls in Eden”. This was in stark contrast to some of the other staff who had some idea about the cult (because so many patients who come through the ward were there due to it), who tried to persuade me to leave Eden because it was dangerous there due to a lot of cult activity. I think this nurse was one of “them” and was trying to get me to stay by bribing me with those brainwashed/hypnotised girls like the cult did several years ago (the two girls Tori B. and Tahlia B. who had the same initials and both exhibited symptoms of programming by Satanic ritual abuse, such as wearing and depicting pentagrams and an unexplained attraction to blood and dark themes). I didn’t notice because I did not know there was a cult. If I had even known that there was a cult or what my parents are involved in, I would have run away.

*** After I got out of the Bega mental ward in November I saw a cult parent (who I’ve never spoke to before) and she seemed startled to see me and ducked into a store to avoid me. I don’t get it, usually I’m more scared of people than they are of me. Also, when I got out of the Bega mental ward the lab had been cleaned away and an old couch we used to have (I forgot about it, it disappeared years ago) had been returned, more broken than when I remember it…. possibly, cult members that my parents associate with got upset over Oct 21st and gave the couch back?
*** I think that James Holmes (guy who shot up a Batman movie while dressed as the Joker) was a similarly mind-controlled individual. I can relate to what I’ve read about him. The mania, compulsive attraction to mass destruction, the sophisticated pyrotechnic devices (me and all my mind controlled friends M. and B. did the same) and booby traps that he learned to devise himself which were found at his apartment and the fact that he alerted police to them first (because he might have snapped out of it right after the shooting). Me and my cult-arranged friends M. and B. in particular were very similar to this. The fact that “nobody at all knew him” (attachment difficulties) and Holmes’ mother who said “I think I know [that it was my son]” soon after the shooting, before she got a lawyer and shut up despite the fact that her son had no criminal record.

I’m sure he’s not the only mass murderer they’ve successfully made, but for many it’s easier to just buy the “lone nut” theory and scream for further gun control measures, isn’t it. Wasn’t James Holmes a neuroscience student? I know I sure researched every psychiatric diagnosis on Wikipedia while trying to figure out what was wrong with me, as well as taking a few elective psychology courses at uni. I suspect Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook shootings) too, as his teachers described him as “not being able to feel pain, physical or mental”–he was highly dissociative, and Dr. Lacter (author of the therapist resource notes “high pain tolerance; fails to notice injury or illness” as a symptom in adolesents and adults who have been subjected to programming by Satanic ritual abuse.



*** The few friends I had were set up for me by the cult with other mind-controlled kids and were were just involved in activities such as bomb making and testing, drug chemistry, drug cultivation, guns/gunsmithing and development of nerve agents/poisons. We were made to feel like we just had a natural interest towards these things because they were “awesome” and we would get all excited an talk about these subjects for years on MSN while cult hackers were watching. I never really wondered I do the things I do.

*** M. was another young man who they paired me up with (I don’t know how) as my friend, who was also into making bombs from young age and whose family was involved in cannabis cultivation, was caught a couple times for making explosives (and he had emotional disturbances such as threatening to kill people who upset him using explosives–I did the same thing). In court, the psychologist just commented that he appears to be “proud” of the bombs he made.

*** The cult secretly arranged similarly brainwashed friends for me who had similar emotional disturbances as myself such as threatening to kill people with explosives and one young man who fantasised compulsively about annihilating mankind with chemical weapons. This extreme aggression is a re-enactment of child abuse (Satanic ritual abuse) which has been repressed and occurs at around age 4, and involves abusing children with party-poppers and cap guns so that they grow up to compulsively learn to use and obtain bombs and guns, unconsciously expressing the abusive rituals they were subjected to as toddlers. This is called trauma-based mind-control (Project Monarch/Project MK-ULTRA type mind control) and the cult is programming their kids like this on a large scale. I’d say at least 1% of families are doing this to their children. Satanic ritual abuse causes kids to develop sadistic, criminal, power-seeking and “evil” personalities. SRA is more than sadistic abuse, it is about programming/trauma-based mind-control, inducing severe dissociative disorders and moulding the will of the victim for the rest of their lifetime.
*** B. was also ‘arrested’ years ago when somebody discovered him testing bombs in bushland and like I was (for the drug lab), he was placed in the back of a paddywagon and then let back out after a few minutes as part of some brainwashing or memory/identity-erasing ritual. This was the Somersby, NSW (or near Gosford) police and the Eden police performed the same cult ritual on me in the back of a paddywagon after the drug lab went down. There used to be a single news article of bomb-making chemicals and explosives found in bushland at Somersby sometime maybe 2008-2010 and the bomb squad up there was called in to perform a controlled-detonation. I cannot find any news article of this anymore.
*** M. was also into drugs, guns and bombs had a girlfriend who on MSN scolded me for being a bad influence and making him “want to stay with his fucked up family” instead of escaping with her. His family was into cultivating hydroponic cannabis.

*** I don’t know if it was before or after the blue Ford XR6 crash that M. stopped wanting to do bad things but didn’t explain why and tried to hint to me.
B’s YouTube online alias/username was ‘nixtrate’ (his MSN is or something and previous to that his YouTube username something like ‘ggggggggghghh’). HE SENT ME A DOCUMENT THAT HE HAD COMPILED ON THE SYNTHESIS OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS AND I HAVE INCLUDED THIS FILE HE SENT ME OVER MSN A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO: “project 4-686.doc” This is some of the most damning evidence I have. I remember that his Facebook profile image was a painting of an abandoned, apocalypse-themed city. It’s not his fault he’s developing weapons of mass destruction because he is brainwashed like I was. A bunch of Macheivellian lunatics are making him do it. The NSW Police near Somersby NSW are DIRECTLY INVOLVED in these activities, and I know this because B. reported the same cult ritual that Somersby/Gosford police performed on him in the back of a paddywagon when he got busted with explosives. The Eden police officers who tried to violently drug me unconscious with chloroform performed this exact same ritual on me in the back of a paddywagon on the day my drug lab went down after I got out of a 15 minute Pambula hospital. I was sent ‘project 4-676.doc’ by B. in 2010, I believe.

*** M. was into making bombs and growing cannabis and was in the blue Ford XR6 crash. He was also born into a cult family and began to put the pieces together before I did. He tried to hint to me that I was being watched by telling me, “Yeah, I was returning the (hydroponic cannabis) grow lamps to the store and the owner said: if you’re going to do something, never tell anybody.”

*** I remember when 14 or so that some other kids I sat with would bring items such as knives, a single cannabis leaf and a rifle cartridge to school to show off, but maybe this is unreleated to cult activity and they were just troubled kids in general that I was around (I don’t know how far back or to what extent the cult has been arranging relationships for me).

*** One of the teachers at my school came up to me once and said jokingly that I’ll get in trouble “like that boy from Sanuctuary Point” for making bombs (at this time rumours were circulating about me blowing stuff up). The teacher mentioned this particular teenage mind control victim to me soon before I met him (on the forums). I was paired up with another cult victim (M.) and one of the teacher’s at my school predicted this before it happened! Did the teacher just mention the brainwashed bomb maker from Sanctuary Point (that I was to be paired up with in the future) because he saw the boy on the national news and this was nothing more than a coincidence? I would have thought that, except this SAME TEACHER saw me reading a book called Gaslight/Angel St in class and commented “Oh, you’ll like THAT book”. Angel St/Gaslight is about an abusive husband who drives his wife crazy by manipulating sublte things in her environment, which is exactly what the cult does to me! Because of these two incidents, I suspect that this teacher could be a cult member. This was not the Eden High staff member I saw with my parents on the 22nd October when my parents and other cult members were trying to lure me into a cult property in town, that was another person.

*** My friend M. had similar emotional disturbances such as threatening to kill people who’d upset him with explosives ( and compulsively making bombs from young age (

**** B. and M. have–like me–manufactured and detonated high explosives compulsively in bushland by themselves out of a fascination and a self-taught skill, and B. has also developed clandestine methodologies for the manufacture of chemical warfare agents (weapons of mass destruction) such as VX and Tabun while he was under mind-control at the same time as he was attending Newcastle University as a chemical engineering student.

*** Maybe 2009 or so Tori gave me a book about serial killers. She admired criminals and serial killers as a teenager, the same as I did. In High School Tori also “wanted” to do work experience as a mortician and “wanted” to be a pole dancer.

*** In High School around the same time I was making bombs, the cult tried to brainwash/hypnotise cult girls to become attracted to me. Both girls had the initials T.B. (Tori B. and Tahlia B.) and both girls exhibited symptoms of cult-programming (Satanic ritual abuse): both of them would depict pentagrams and wear pentagram jewlery and had a strange attraction to blood and other dark themes. Tori told me on MSN once at around age 15 that she was “excited about my first sex-party”. Her “first sex-party” was something that her mother and other adults were holding at her house and it “had whips”. She also had a pet rat that she recently got and was telling everybody at school about, that she quickly found dead in its cage to symbolise the threat “rats (informants) wind up dead”. It had probably been fed a pellet of rat poison while she wasn’t looking. The cult also sent me the same warning by throwing a large dead black rat over my fence at night while I was home from uni a few years ago, but at the time I did not realise it was a message.

“In the rear seat of the Ford Falcon was a 29-year-old man, who was airlifted to St George Hospital in a serious condition.”
This was an error and it actually meant a 19-year-old man (not 29-years-old). This man was M. I don’t know if the car crash was suspicious or not, but M. survived (two did not) and he would know more than I do.

*** I felt a compulsion to look at violent death/gore photos on the Internet throughout my teenage years (and depicted them in my drawings and creative writing). I remember searching everywhere on the net hoping to find videos of animals in blenders and whatnot.

*** In primary school fantasised about building mechanical arms holding guns, was paranoid that “snipers” were behind the tinted windows of cars.

I remember in Year 4 I would tell the other kids to “worship death” and I would break into classrooms to tie string around the teacher’s plush toy frog’s neck and perform a “funeral” for it by placing it in a casket I made out of a plastic tray with an egg-carton headstone because I thought it would be amusing when the teacher saw it (she just yelled at me). This was the unconscious re-enactment of repressed memories of deeply traumatic rituals I was subjected to as a toddler. From my perspective I was just having innocent fun. This phenonmenon is being used to groom kids on a large scale to be “evil”. Judging by how many cult kids were at school, I’d say perhaps a few percent of families are doing this to their children. Ritual abuse is more than sadistic abuse, it is a means of trauma-based mind-control/cult-programming.

*** I had been making explosives since I was about 12-years-old, and I believe that this was an unconscious reaction to being abused with fireworks as a toddler. I had an ‘Uncle’ (stereotypical, I know), and he would mail me as a child strange gifts–a box for a toy gun with a picture of a gun on it, cheap pocket knives and party-poppers (bombs) all of which I was strangely attracted to when they arrived in the mail. These were to trigger my underlying programming in some manner.

*** Tori was a cult girl who was ‘excited’ about her mother holding ‘my first sex party’ at her home (‘with whips’).

*** I remember I would set fires at school and hacked everybody’s DET portal password for the thrill of ‘beating’ all the adults.

*** Also, I remember a girl named Helena in primary school who told me that she saw my mother sleep in a phone box for three days. I don’t remember this and I don’t know what it was about.

*** One of the group I sat with at school when around 14yo was expelled for having a sizable quantity of cannabis at school, the others brought things to school to show off like knives, a rifle cartridge and a single cannabis leaf. I do not know if they were simply delinquents and I don’t know if my relationships were being arranged with other cult-programmed kids back then, but a couple years later I know for certain that they were (Tori, M., B.). When Tori was about the same age she broke into a house to steal small items with some other kids.

*** In high school Tori and I would be amused by the graphic lyrics of bands like Lord Gore and Cannibal Corpse. We’d recite them on the bus and show them to other kids at school to horrify them, but we saw it as just innocent amusement at the time. I once wrote some similarly graphic lyrics with similar themes around age 15 or 16 but I don’t have any surviving examples. I also remember showing gore and scat photos to other kids in class to gross them out for amusement in high school. From my perspective it was just relatively innocent fun. This is the unconscious re-enacting/depicting of Satanic ritual abuse and repressed childhood trauma, probably from around the age of 3-4yo (the cult’s rituals must include scat, blood/gore and death themes).

*** I don’t remember anything regarding ‘Uncle Michael’ except he lived in Sydney and my dad having a beer with him.

*** Starting sometime in primary school I could no longer eat in front of the other kids and went without lunch as I did throughout high school. I have no knowledge of why and my memory of childhood is rather limited (I never knew what it’s like to be anybody else so I had no reason to ever think that my memory could be working different to most people’s).

*** In school (and my teachers can probably corroborate this) I would sometimes ignore my classwork and draw guns all over my books.

*** When I was 15 or 16 I wrote botnet software in Visual Basic 6 and distributed it over accounts by using a piece of a Javascript to prompt the browser to “Save Page” (and keep prompting if you try to click cancel until the user clicks Save), which saves a VB Script which uses a Batch file to run it on startup and the VBScript installs the trojan (something like that, it was a long time ago and I don’t care for computers really now). It gave me a sense of power to have control over a bunch of people’s computers, and what I was doing with computers at that age was what “they” were doing with real people! I also discovered a XSS vulnerability in Piczo that allowed for cookie theft by placing Javascript into the page, and once logged in the password recovery sent the plaintext password (not a password reset) to a specified email address. I probably have those password lists somewhere. This was many years ago when the Internet was simpler, and like I said I’m not into this stuff anymore.

*** When I was sixteen or so and into ‘hacking’ I coded botnet software called drTrojan in VB6 and infected 4 computers remotely (see above) including a local man’s computer named “Wade Smith”. This man may be releated to Courtney Innes judging by the things I saw in his keylogs, but I barely recall. But anyway, I tried to steal approximately $1700 off his PayPal account but the transaction got reversed. This was when I was in Year 11, but I don’t really remember. Most of the things I do don’t involve other people (including crimes), but this did so I think I’d call it one of the badder things I’ve done. I read all their keylogs with a sense of satisfaction. I have read that many serial killers had stalking/voyeuristic behaviour in their youth and it’s related to serial murder because it’s all about a sense of domination over a chosen victim. This is possibly the psychologybehind the cult’s hackers, too.

*** As a teenager I fractured my knuckles punching a brick wall and cut myself with a pocket knife badly enough to need stitches and never sought medical attention for any of this. This was the knife I would carry that was a gift from ‘Uncle Michael’.

*** I remember writing very violent creative works for English, the Eden High teachers might recall this. I would also start to admire criminals, mass murderers and serial killers and I guess Tori was into serial killers too because one day without asking, she gave me a book to read titled ‘Sadistic Killers’.

*** I just thought of a quote: “Pretty standard, really.” –Dr. Evil (in group therapy), hahaha.

*** My parents never interacted with me much and I didn’t want them to.

*** I remember as a small child obsessively trying to draw swastikas due to the unconscious depicting/re-enacting of the things I had been exposed to in Satanic ritual abuse programming. I have included photos of the swastikas I drew in primary school, they are drawn in pen on the score table of the card game my father would play with me and my brother called “Sheep Head 66(6)”.

*** In primary school we were writing horoscope artworks and I wrote for Cancer: “Cancer – You are going to get cancer and die” when I was in Year 3 or so.

*** Most my life I’ve been attracted to death metal and black metal music.

*** Around age 5yo I really wanted a toy gun from Woolworths that shot suction-cup darts, I would break the suction-cup ends off (so it’s just a shaft) put tomato sauce on the ends and shoot it at the pet rabbit. The pet rabbit later died while I was at school or asleep and I was told by my parents that it “ate poisoned (pesticide) grass from the next door property”, but this does not sound likely? We also had two sheep that I was told were killed by our German Sheppard while I was asleep, I don’t know whether or not that is true and have no evidence either way–I was asleep.

*** In 2007 I broke into the Eden High School science storeroom, although I was scared away by a motion detector/alarm. I have included pictures of the picks, rakes and torsion wrenches I used [pb_images/lockpicks.jpg].



B. progressed from explosives to developing chemical weapons (nerve agents) the last time I had contact with him in 2010. He sent me over MSN the document, project 4-686.doc over MSN in 2010 I think which is included on here (view ‘project 4-686.doc’ MS-WORD). This document is included here, it was on my old laptop which wasn’t confiscated in the drug lab raid, which is why I still have it. Some of the NSW Police near Somersby, NSW are directly involved in B.’s activities as ‘handlers’ for this particular mind-controlled individual.


*** I was compulsively studying drug chemistry on the Internet since age 17-18. It just seemed like the natural progression of things after I got bored with making explosives. At age 19 I took a break to concentrate on guns (and uni), then I came back to it age 20 onwards. When I was 20 I successfully completed a sythesis of Na-GHB and GBL from GABA and sodium nitrite/HCl (Sandmeyer). I found that the temperature (it had to be kept very cold) would rise too fast when adding HCl and produce NOx fumes or start foaming up and popping off glass joints (nitrogen I think?) and I would have to put the GABA/NaNO2 solution in the freezer and try again. This was probably due to ineffective ice-baths.

When I was 20 I successfully synthesised d,l-amphetamine sulphate from reducing phenyl-2-nitropropene with Al/Hg. When I was 21 I pulled off a total synthesis of phenyl-2-propaneone (P2P via dissolving-metal reduction of phenyl-2-nitropropene which I had obtained by condensing benzaldehyde/nitromethane with cyclohexylamine catalyst. I found that the synthesis on Rhodium Archives said to use freebase cyclohexylamine but I found that the acetate salt gives better yields and the FB gave poor. My most technical accomplishment is a total synthesis of d,l-methamphetamine HCl and phenyl-2-propaneone (phenylacetone). Heisenberg-style right from the start! I have never seen a Pseudo tablet in my life!

I reduced P2NP (yellow-orange eye-stinging crystals, they recrystalise well from shellite) to P2P using tin powder mixed in with P2NP dissolved in some toluene and to this HCl was added in portions and allowed to react with the tin, the resulting red solution of toluene was washed to remove HCl and tin salts (tin salts are …strange, and I couldn’t find much literature on them, I experimented with them a bit). This was then steam distilled.

The P2P was an orange-yellow oil after steam distilling it (never tried distilling in-vacu, only had a water aspirator). I performed a number of sucessful reductive aminations with both methylamine (from HMTA/HCl hydrolysis, very daunting, formaldehyde is horrid, more on this later) and nitromethane (reduced to methylamine in-situ) using Al/Hg. 1×1-inch squares of the Heavy Duty foil that comes in red boxes, put in a coffee grinder for 10 seconds makes nuggets of Al perfect for the amalgam. I dissolved thermometer Hg in HNO3 I distilled and diluted, added NaOH and washed/decanted then added HCl to the muddy red-yellow precipitate to form a solution of HgCl2 I used for the amalgam. I hate Hg salts. I experimented with three different benzaldehyde syntheses:

1. Electrolytic cell producing the manganese-ammonium alum for the oxidation of toluene (I got poor yields and handling huge beakers of H2SO4 with lead electrodes hanging on the edges scares me). Drain cleaner H2SO4 caused foaming problems in the MAA cell… no good. Used 98% tech grade. This method was tedious and gave me poor yields.

2. BzOH + HCl —> BzCl, boil BzCl + HMTA in aq. (Sommelet), add HCl (I used to remember why) and steam distill. This was effective.

3. Cinnamaldehyde + NaOH —> benzaldehyde + acetaldehyde if I recall, I used pressurised steam to distill the benzaldehyde from a boiling yellow-red tarry solution of cinnamaldehyde in aq. NaOH, may have been fractional steam distilltion… then obtained crude benzaldehyde along with the water. I fractionated this with an insulated column (I used shards of borosilicate for the packing material) under aspirator pressure to obtain pure benzaldehyde, and this was the most complicated yet most satisfying way of obtaining it.

I broke my addition funnel so I couldn’t use the nitromethane + Al/Hg reductive amination technique since the extra heat from the in-situ methylamine formation made the already very exothermic Al/Hg reductive amination run-away without an addition funnel so I resorted to using the easier-to-control reductive amination using methylamine (methylamine HCl + NaOH aq.). I reacted HMTA with HCl and ethanol (and some extra NH4Cl) heating on a waterbath and using an insulated column for 12hrs (more than necessary) I carefully distilled off formed ethyl formate (removing the formic acid from the system, see methylamine.html on the Rhodium archives for details of this reaction). I used stoichometry to, using the weight of the ethyl formate recovered, determine how big my yield of Methylamine.HCl would be and how much NH4Cl I could expect to recover while concentrating the resulting solution in-vacu to precipitate the NH4Cl (which precipitates before the Methylamine.HCl and is, in portions, vacuum filtered before the solution is concentrated further to reduce bumping) with the aim of leaving a solution that is as free from NH4Cl and only containing the much more soluble Methylamine HCl. The solution is then boiled in-vacu until it is rock hard dry. For the vacuum source I used a water aspirator and this put all the formic acid/formaldehyde down the sink, which otherwise burns your eyes if you try to concentrate the solution (the result of HTMA/HCl with ethyl formate removed) in the open air.

Boiling 99% isopropyl alcohol is perfect for separating the left over NH4Cl from the methylamine.HCl and is added to the cake, then hot-filtered to remove insoluble NH4Cl and put in the freezer to precipitate shiny flakes of Methylamine HCl. Wash with chloroform to remove any dimethylamine HCl. If you have dilute isopropyl alcohol you can concentrate it by saturating it with rock salt until it forms two layers, separating it to get around 90% IPA/10% water (and some aq. NaCl) and then adding NaOH (grease joints well or they’ll freeze) to saturate the water left over and then distilling this to get dry IPA. After Hg salts and formaldehyde, saturated aq. NaOH is my least favorite thing to handle.

*** Learning drug chemistry gave me a feeling of power. Not power over other people, just… the power to make “awesome” stuff happen and thrill of “getting away with something bad in secret” (I think other people who have been programmed by SRA also experience this desire/feeling. I had a similar feeling when I was lighting things on fire with homemade napalm at school, for example). I fantasised about being “like Heisenberg” from Breaking Bad, my favourite TV show.

*** In 2012 while I was cooking speed I woke up at around midday and my parents were freaking out and closing the curtains and there was a whole bunch of people who stayed there for what seemed like an hour on the veranda and front lawn wailing in frustration and screaming at my parents “Where is Andrew?! We haven’t heard from him in five (months or weeks, I couldn’t hear)! What are you making him do!?” I was only starting to put the pieces together about this time.

*** I woke up from nightmares screaming twice when home from uni in 2012, I just put it down to drugs. I now think it was those large speaker systems. I really wish I had taken photos of it but I was too scared to go outside for 10 weeks or so when I began noticing that something was going on all around me and started putting the pieces together. Perhaps other people in Eden took notice of the speakers on the site of the burnt fish factory that was previously destroyed by arson in Hopkins St, and can back up my claims.



*** I compulsively researched on the Internet how to clandestinely manufacture high explosives during my late teens and around age 13 I would make large firecrackers from matchhead powder, and even before that as a young child I remember stuffing toilet paper tubes with pine needles, drawing ‘TNT’ on them and setting them on fire to watch them burn. In Year 8 I lit fires in the school bathroom with turpentine/polystyrene “napalm” which destroyed the toilet seat and soap dispenser. I remember I would like to scare my cat with butane fireballs and singe her fur with a lighter. I remember as a kid I would terrorise my younger brother with party-poppers. I remember somebody my parents would bring me to at some place in Sydney who they referred to as “Uncle” Michael or Michael the Painter, and while I was in primary school this individual would send me party-poppers (bombs) in the mail, as well as a picture of a toy gun when I was in primary school and in my teens a couple of parcels arrived from ‘Uncle’ Michael for me which contained cheap pocket knives which I would carry for a while. I threatened to kill somebody who upset me with explosives, and M. once also threatened to kill his brothers with explosives when they upset him. It is because when somebody upsets us we want to ‘destroy’ them in the same ways that we were abused as children (party-poppers, toy guns). He had similar emotional disturbances because we were both abused at very young age with party-poppers (and other weapons) so that a deep part of us would strongly associate bombs with feelings of power and control and we would grow up to compulsively learn everything about them including making, acquiring and using them, and the same with guns. One of my teachers appeared to have predicted that I would meet this friend before it even happened… or it may have been a coincidence.

*** I started making bombs at around age 13 from matchhead powder and red phosphorus (crude Armstrong’s Mix), although years before that I would stuff toiletpaper tubes with pine needles and write TNT and throw them in the fire to watch them burn. When I was 16-18 I made high explosive devices after compulsively reading on the Internet about how to. Acetone peroxide, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, ammonium nitrate-based compositions, nitroglycerine, nitrocellulose, trinitrophenol, with the nitric acid made from Kilsoot (sodium nitrate) and Mo-Flo draincleaner (sulfuric acid). I took small amounts of explosives to school to show them off, including a pipette of nitroglycerine that I hit drops of with other student using a hammer on the pavement). The cult also arranged a few friends for me to isolate me from the wider society. I’m unsure how (it is not a coincidence that I happen to always meet other victims of the cult, relationships were definitely being arranged for me) who I would excitedly discuss these things with and these had been similarly programmed (and not aware of it) and were starting to develop the same interests: explosives, guns, drugs. We met when all of us were developing explosives. All of us started developing high explosives in our mid-teens. These people also had emotional disturbances in their teens including making death threats with explosives (like I did once) and becoming withdrawn.

*** I didn’t think that it was unusual for such young people to be interested in chemical weapons/explosives, I had no reason to believe that it was anything other than a hobby/fascination/personal interest.

*** I was almost severely wounded when I was 17 when 130 grams of acetone peroxide/NH3NO3 (APAN) detonated two seconds after I lit the fuse. I lost my hearing for 24 hours. Andrew Grant and others were there and can to attest that this event did occur (and also to the fact that I once brought a pipette of nitrogycerine to school to play with by hitting drops of it on the sidewalk), and I had the video of the accident on one of the three USB flash drives confiscated by Officer 1.

*** My landlord freaked out when I started talking about bombs excitedly and he immediately started treating me like a different person who he’d never met before and started treating me like I was a young child. He is familiar with DID/MPD and cult programming, the “they” secretly had a cult member reply to my accomodation wanted advertisements! They are arranging our relationships.

*** I brought flash powder and a small pipette of nitroglycerine to school to show the other kids (Andrew Grant and co.) and we hit drops of it with a hammer to make our ears ring outside on the concrete. A court-appointed psychologist who examined M. simply said he appears “proud” of the bombs he made. I’m proud too, that’s why I liked to take photos of my crimes.

*** In Year 12 I brought nitroglycerine to Eden High School and hit drops of it with a hammer outside on the footpath for entertainment with Andrew Grant when in high school. I synthesised these materials in a makeshift lab in my bedroom from household chemicals. Some of the explosives I have made and tested at around age 17 were acetone peroxide, APAN (acetone peroxide and ammonium nitrate), nitroglycerine, nitrocellulose, trinitrophenol, urea nitrate and methyl ethyl ketone peroxide and my brainwashed friend had been making a similar list of explosive substances starting and at age 15 he was busted for it, and again a few years later.

*** Given the timing, it is possible that the cult brainwashed/hypnotised girl(s) into liking me around age 17-18 and this was a reward for successfully making and testing numerous high explosive devices. Both girls had the initials T.B. I didn’t realise the significance of this until I was 23.

*** At around age 13 in addition to Armstrong’s Mix salutes I also experimented with some not-so-spectacular bottle-rocket type devices and crude fountains, at age 16 or 17 I returned to explosives after a break (I think I was into computers around age 15-16) beginning with high explosives and a synthesis of acetone peroxide. A few grams AP blew a thick law book several metres into the air with a huge THUD and split a crack through the pages. I tested HE devices less than 30 grams or so maybe a couple dozen times: acetone peroxide (my favourite), methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, ammonium nitrate-based compositions (mainly APAN), urea nitrate, nitroglycerine, nitrocellulose, trinitrophenol and silver acetylide. I also experimented with things such as a KMnO4/glycerol hypergol (the Batman movie shooter booby-trapped his apartment with this stuff) and Mn2SO7 (manganese heptoxide–KMnO4/H2SO4 results in this as a dark green liquid). I once squirted a pipette of Mn2SO7 into a jar lid containing some turpentine and it immediately made a sudden flash of light/fire, a loud BANG and made my ears ring. I would often hit small amounts of peroxides or nitroglycerine with a hammer for entertainment, which would detonate with a ‘snap’ (the peroxides) or a ‘bang’ (the NG). I remember M. posting a video of himself hitting nitroglycerine with a hammer on YouTube and when he was 15 he was on the national news having been accused of having caused over 60 local explosions and being in possession of a list of chemicals similar to my own.

I got sodium nitrate from Kilsoot (the hydrophobic yellow stuff is removed by dissolving the granules in water and filtering and then evaporating). I used Napisan liquid as a source of hydrogen peroxide. I combined the sodium nitrate and fertiliser ammonium sulfate in aq. solution and placed it in the fridge to precipitate glassy crystals of sodium sulfate, and then I evaporated this solution after filtering to get ammonium nitrate.

Sulfuric acid could be had as Mo-Flo drain cleaner and nitric acid was NaNO3/H2SO4 either used in-situ (the bisulfate makes it harder to stir during the nitration) or carefully distilled to produce yellowish acid using a jar sitting in a hot water bath with a corner of a ziplock bag held over the mouth with a rubber-band, which was filled with icy water to make a ‘cone’ to condense the vapours which dripped from the tip of this cone into a small beaker placed in the middle of the jar.

*** I know a lot more about explosives in theory than what I have mentioned here. I was so obsessed with explosives that I literally watched every homemade explosives-related video on YouTube. At the time I remember scrolling through the YouTube videos going, “Already seen it, already seen it, already seen it…” I remember looking at every single explosives related YouTube video I could find in fascination. This started in my mid-teens. Two other guys I know were similarly brainwashed into explosives and we were paired up so that we’d get excited and talk about explosives, among other things, between ourselves while hackers were watching our MSN conversations. One of these people is obsessed with the TV show Dexter which has a serial killer protagonist.

*** I conducted most of these tests in the backyard under soil to dampen the kaboom to a dull thud, or up the road by the horse club at the top of the Storey Ave industrial area including a large and powerful 130 gram APAN (ammonium nitrate/acetone peroxide composition) charge that made an enormous sound one afternoon (in 2007 I believe) and you could distinctly feel the shockwave which shifted the camera (I had these videos on USB flashdrives, but these were confiscated by the cult), and it inadvertantly went off about two seconds after I lit it while I was about two metres from the blast and partially deafened me for 24 hours. This was due to the 80:20 AN:AP mixture still being spark sensitive and being hit with a spark from the sparkler fuse. Some guys I went to school may be able to corroborate that this misadventure took place because they were there.

***In Year 8 I set fire to a soap dispenser and toilet seat with “homemade napalm” (gelled turpentine) as an adolescent for the same thrill of “beating” the adults (or anything/anybody I viewed as more powerful than I was). I believe this was an unconscious attempt to fight back at the adults who did this to me when very young, but it was misdirected at the school (etc.) because I could not hold those adults responsible. When I sat in class and heard another student saying that somebody had burnt the toilet seat and completely destroyed it, I became completely giddy from the feeling of secret notority. I was perhaps 14 years old. From what I’ve read, disturbed behaviour like pyromania is a sign of child abuse/neglect but I never questioned why I was so bad, I thought it was just because I was a bad person–and that is what I was supposed to believe, I was supposed to believe that I was “bad” due to my own “choice”. Two other friends who I would associate with based on my hobby of guns/pyrotechnics as a teenager… the same thing happened to them. We all made bombs and were obsessed with it, starting from adolescence. One is obsessed with destroying humanity or something with chemical warfare agents. The other one threatened to kill his brothers using explosives (explosives give us a sense of power) just like I threatened to kill somebody with explosives when I was 17yo.

*** At age 17 had a ridiculous idea to set off a powerful high-explosive device (110 grams of urea nitrate/acetone peroxide) at midnight on NYE to make the local newspaper report on a “mystery explosion rocks Merimbula”. I wanted to do it, I guess, for the sense of power being able to manipulate the headlines would have given me. This is probably the same reason why other cult members murdered Tom Buckland to send me a subliminal message through the news reports.

I set it off but it was a partial dud. It was located in a field behind the parking lot opposite Merimbula Woolworths and I intended it to be loud enough to be heard from the beach where a large amount of people were gathered. High explosives make a tremendous noise and I was obsessed with “out-doing” the professional fireworks display (i.e. pop-pop-pop-KABOOM).

The crater from the partial dud I photographed the next day, it can be seen here: [pb_images/110gapun1.jpg, pb_images/110gapun2.jpg] The dud was still loud enough that people in nearby streets were cheering as I ran off into the night. I saw Hannah Broomfield and her friends afterwards that night, and while with those people another group approached us and said, “Hey, aren’t you the guy who makes bombs?” and Hannah’s friends all panicked and tried to protect me. These people were “them”, the cult! A detective’s son warned me “They are keeping tabs on you…” when I was in high school, but he assumed that I knew what “they” meant–I had no idea “they” even existed until 2012! Everybody in Eden knew about the cult except for me!

*** The 130 gram bomb that almost blew my legs off with guys from school watching can be seen in this video: [130apan.avi] I used to have other videos + better quality but they were confiscated on the USB flash drive and disappeared. That’s Braiden Green shouting “Run!”
11. GUNS

***See media/Homemade 9mm Submachine Gun.mp4 for a slideshow of the submachine gun I smuggled and assembled in 2009-2010. mp4 video files can be opened with a free program called VLC (VideoLAN).

*** The AFP detectives investigating the importation of glassware asked my landlord about something “under my bed”. It seems AFP were watching my MSN conversations because I mentioned that I have something “under my bed” to another brainwashed young man on MSN. It was the Sten gun.

*** During my first year away from uni I started thinking about guns a lot and devised, by myself with no outside help, a way to smuggle gun parts I bought online into Australia. I found a mail forwarding company (Shipito) that receives parcels purchased online in America (from sellers who do not ship outside the US) and then allows you to fill in the Customs declaration, then forwards your parcel via EMS to Australia. I used my prepaid Visa debit card so I could put a fake (US-based) “billing” address when purchasing gun parts from the gun companies and the Visa transaction would still proceed.

I purchased, in maybe a dozen separate purchases from companies called AAOK and Gun Parts Corp all the parts for a Sten Mk.II 9mm submachine gun and assembled them during the uni holiday in my dad’s shed. I used some 4130 tubing and a Sten Mk.II receiver template I found on the net with hand-tools and a Dremel cut-off discs to make a homemade Sten MK.II receiver. I got the magazines (Austen MK.1) from a domestic militaria supplier (Warwicks Militaria). The weapon cycles dummy rounds perfectly.

Saved webpages of my Shipito account with the misdeclared gun part shipments can be found in the ‘ship’ folder. See homemade 9mm submachine gun .mp4 for the only video I still have of this weapon. I had higher resolution copies of the video/photos used to make that slideshow, but the only copies were on USB thumbdrives that the cops (who attempted to abudct me) confiscated and I never got back.

*** I assembled a Sten MkII sub-machine gun from parts that I smuggled into the country from the United States by purchasing the components from an online parts supplier using my ANZ Everyday Visa debit card. I used a Visa debit card so that I could submit a foreign billing address (that of a mail-forwarding company) and the transaction would still process. I had these parts sent to a mail-forwarding company in California named Shipito (who were not an accomplice in any manner, as they do not verify if the Customs declaration matches the contents), had the individual parts misdeclared to Customs as various pieces of machinery and then had them mailed to Australia in ten separate parcels.

The only component of a firearm that cannot be freely purchased as a ‘spare part’ in the United States is the part known as the receiver, on which the serial number is printed. The receiver of the Sten MkII sub-machine gun is of a very simple tubular design, and can be fabricated from a piece of standard imperial 4130 alloy steel tubing which I purchased and then cut the appropriate slots and holes into using a Dremel rotary tool, which I had determined the sizes and locations of from studying a blueprint that I found on the Internet. I then had the receiver tube welded to the trigger group housing, the barrel trunnion welded into the receiver, and with some minor fitting of the other parts I had an automatic firearm that smoothly cycled dummy cartridges. I sourced four 28-round ‘Austen’ magazines domestically from a militaria store.

*** When filling out the mail forwarder’s Customs forms I misdeclared the parts (see the <letter>.htm files in ‘ship’ folder, open with a web browser) to get past Customs. The barrel as a ‘pinion gear shaft’, the breach bolt as a ‘piston assembly’ etc. and they arrived without problem. The shipping company just sticks the original box in a larger box, prints out your Customs declaration and sends it to Australia without really seeing inside and they didn’t seem to care about what is being mailed (they told me something like it is “the customer’s responsibility to make sure items are legal for import in destination country”).

*** There are countless improvised gun designs I have thought up over the years starting around age 16-17 but I’ve been strangely attracted towards guns since I remember. I would obsessively learn about guns until I understood how they worked well enough to make these types of designs come easily to me.

*** Due to obsessive behaviour towards guns I learned everything about them including how they work in intricate detail enough to build and engineer them at home.

*** I don’t see myself as a traitor, just as a guy who saw something strange and bizzare and documented it. A guy who does his own thing and was never one of “them” because, well, I didn’t know there WAS a “them” until I noticed some strange things going on in my environment starting mid-way 2012.

*** Look up the video ‘JFK on Secret Societies’ on YouTube.

In the video JFK speaks of a “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on infiltration not invasion… guerillas by night instead of armies by day… it’s dissenters are silenced not praised … it has conscripted [“conscriptied”… that’s one way to put it] vast material and human resources … I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is within my control”… to me it sounds like he was talking about the cult (Illuminati) I was born into.

*** The current Royal Commission into Catholic child sex abuse cover-ups involving Inspector Peter Fox heard that senior police ransacked his office and attempted to coerce Inspector Fox’s GP into claiming that he was mentally ill. This is because those crooked senior police knew that if Fox finds out about the organised Satanists behind all the organised child exploitation in the Western world he is going to start making a whole lot of “crazy, paranoid” claims so “we better get him diagnosed as mentally ill before that happens so nobody will believe him when it does!”

*** The book-film ‘1984’ when the protagonist is writing diary entries and hiding them from Big Brother behind a loose brick in the wall. I feel like that right now.

*** I think that James Holmes (guy who shot up a Batman movie while dressed as the Joker) was a similarly ritually abused/mind-controlled victim like me and my friends B. and M. were. I can relate to what I’ve read about him. The mania, compulsive attraction to mass destruction, the sophisticated pyrotechnic devices (me and all my mind controlled friends M. and B. did the same) and booby traps that he learned to devise himself which were found at his apartment and the fact that he alerted police to them first (because he might have snapped out of it right after the shooting). Me and my cult-arranged friends M. and B. in particular were very similar to this. The fact that “nobody at all knew him” (attachment difficulties) and Holmes’ mother who said “I think I know [that it was my son]” soon after the shooting, before she got a lawyer and shut up despite the fact that her son had no criminal record.

I’m sure he’s not the only mass murderer they’ve successfully made, but for many it’s easier to just buy the “lone nut” theory and scream for further gun control measures, isn’t it. Wasn’t James Holmes a neuroscience student? I know I sure researched every psychiatric diagnosis on Wikipedia while trying to figure out what was wrong with me, as well as taking a few elective psychology courses at uni. I suspect Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook shootings) too, as his teachers described him as “not being able to feel pain, physical or mental”–he was highly dissociative, and Dr. Lacter (author of the therapist resource notes “high pain tolerance; fails to notice injury or illness” as a symptom in adolesents and adults who have been subjected to programming by Satanic ritual abuse. I saw on the news reports the readers’ comments speculating that James Holmes and Adam Lanza did what they did as a response to childhood bullying at school etc. but no, it’s far worse than that.

*** I should note that while conspiracy theorist/truth seeker Alex Jones also believes Batman movie “Joker” shooter James Holmes was a Monarch/MK-ULTRA mind-controlled patsy, I came to this conclusion independently before I came across his website. I am not parroting Jones.

“The Vampire Killer” here in Australia was said to be “suffering multiple personality disorder” (DID) by two psychologists who studied her, and I believe she was programmed to be evil by Satanic ritual abuse.

*** All my relationships were arranged for me. I don’t know how I met/became drawn to my friends and how they met me. The same thing happened to them, too. They weren’t conscious of the fact that they were mind-controlled by a cult, either. We’d always bounce bad ideas off each other when talking on MSN. My landlord was also arranged for me (how they pulled off that one is more obvious, they just had one of “them” reply when I put a request for accomodation ad on the Internet).

*** If you look up the book Michelle Remembers on Wikipedia you can see the words “discredited author”, “found no evidence of her book’s claims” blah, blah, blah–the Satanists are editing Wikpiedia in order to keep this thing under-wraps! Some other Wikipedia pages which have been subtly modified by Satanists with propaganda, disinformation and bias (and edited to exclude opposing viewpoints) include the pages about:
Satanic Ritual Abuse
Satanic Panic (South Africa)
Day-care Sex-abuse Allegations
False Memory Syndrome
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Recovered Memories

*** Some boys at high school did a secret handshake with me, and I only realised that this strange handshake had significance when a cult member in the Bega ward did it with me and I suddenly remembered–hey, this handshake is the one those boys at high school did with me! I think I just let them lead the way and copied them and I copied their handshake smoothly, because I was able to do the handshake in return even though I never had been taught it.

The cult handshake was a handshake (while leaning together in a brotherly way) with thumbs wrapped around each others’ thumbs and shaken (thumbs can wrap in two ways, there was one downward shake for each direction), then hands sliding palms-together then outwards (one time each for both the orientations two palms can fit parallel), then a ‘fist bump’… if I recall.

*** Authorities don’t find evidence of it because “they” ARE the authorities! Law-enforcement agencies have a similar authoritarian and fraternal structure to the cult and attract people who want weapons and control/power over the common man, which is how a lot of people (cult members) who have been programmed by SRA grow up to be. I think that police ranks have been infiltrated more than other facet of society.

*** I haven’t read much/any of David Icke’s conspiracy theories, but when he refers to ‘shape-shifting reptilians’ involved in organised child exploitation and other horrific crimes I think he refers to ‘them’, the cult. I believe they are human physically (not ‘shape-shifting reptiles’), but they are just so power-hungry and sadistic from being ritually abused that their behaviour does not resemble a human. Or is ‘reptile’ a metaphor for cold-blooded? What Icke calls ‘shape-shifting’ I think maybe he could be describing the switching of personalities which is related to dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). Psycho (1960) and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are famous fictional portrayals of DID/MPD.
*** The truth is stranger than fiction.

*** Tila Tequilia metions “boys being tricked into becoming trained murderers” and “super-humans [i.e. manchurian candidates like me] whose power they use for themselves” and being “put through unbearable pain” herself by the cult in a blog post that was described by others as an “insane rant”, but it’s true! Tila Tequilia knows about it (although she is clearly hysterical, has picked up a lot of misinformation from conspiracy sites and otherwise is not making much sense) and has described an attempted abduction when she was younger related to it. Google “Tila Tequila Illuminati Evil F*cks Rant”, it was on her blog.

*** I was making explosive devices since I was 13 and homemade cap-guns which progressed to assembling a 9mm Sten submachine gun I built from parts that I smuggled in the mail from the US I got off the net combined wtih homemade parts I crafted in my dad’s shop when I was 20-years-old and a scratch built rimfire pistol when I was 16-17 and engineering many other designs, and the other people who I discussed my hobby with on the Internet… it turns out that the same thing had happened to them (B. and M.). These relationships were arranged for me by the cult, and I’m not sure how because B. and M. were not aware of it, either (M. started figuring it out before I did and tried to warn me).

*** The book-film 1984 when the protagonist is writing diary entries and hiding them from Big Brother behind a loose brick in the wall. I feel like that. This stuff is on an SD card hidden underneath my carpet. This has got to be be one of the most dangerous things ever written!
*** Tori wanted to do work experience as a mortician and I remember my teacher telling us about a girl student he had who wanted to do work experience at an abottoir and how strange he thought it was. A young girl ‘wanting’ to do work experience as a mortician or at an abottoir are some indicators of cult programming.

*** I still want to do the stuff I did sometimes. When I start to think about it, it all comes flooding back and then seems like a really good idea and then I obsessively plot it for a while.

*** I’ve read (on Wikipedia) that DID/MPD patients are suggestible and have the “highest hypnotisibility of any clinical group”.

*** I overheard one cult woman viciously ranting about how “pedophiles deserve the death penalty”, so I don’t think she is aware/doesn’t remember the child abuse that is at the heart of this.

*** I read an article about a court case (see the David Icke link under ‘links & resources’) against an alleged Satanic cult in Australia (the OTO) by a anti-child sex campaigner accusing them of child abuse, murder and mind-control, but the cult accused the campaigner of libel and won the suit. The anti-child sex campaigner also claimed that the Milat Backpacker murders were actually Satanic rituals. As a 17yo teenager one of Ivan Milat’s nephews murdered another teen with an axe. I get the feeling that sadistic abuse and programming happens in this family like it does in mine. Milat’s nephew also wrote a gruesome poem about the axe murder he committed, which was very much like my own creative works when I was about his age (I have no surviving examples of these, but the English teachers at school saw some of my works). Satanic ritual abuse clearly happens in the Milat family as it does in mine. The OTO cult contested the Milat Backpacker allegations, claiming they were “preposterous” and “libel”. The news report can be found here:

*** If traditional mental illness is being used to cover up large-scale (I’d say maybe a few percent of families are “in on it”) ritual abuse and dissociative disorders, could it be possible that a number of “schizophrenic” and “bipolar” patients are being used in clinical studies but do not even have the disorder, thereby affecting psychological studies? I wonder this because when I was with Dr Nelson she had an intern/student along to study me (“…here we have a schizophrenic patient”).

*** This German metal band knows what it’s like.

***I noticed somebody out there knew what was happening and tried sending social workers to give me compliments and stuff in public to support me. I didn’t realise until a long time after. I know they’re trying to help but I feel adverse to this type of thing.

*** Look up The Franklin Scandal, Haut de la Garenne and the Dutroux Affair (The Monster of Belgium)… the cult is responsible for all this stuff. Dutroux even claims he was part of a conspiracy, and I believe him because he describes the dynamics of the cult: “People want to believe that I am at the centre of everything. They are mistaken. I did things of which I was not the driving force. I was used as an instrument by others, who were themselves used as instruments by others.” These are Illuminati crimes. The websites about the Franklin Scandal don’t mention the Illuminati specifically, but I can tell the accused Larry King was one of “them” because he sent an investigator cryptic/symbolic threats the same way the cult does.

There was a 300,000 person march in Belgium to protest the poor handling of police investigations surrounding the Dutroux case. I don’t believe it was simply sloppy police work: if you read about Illuminati crimes around the world they always have complicit police who “lose” or “misplace” the evidence. This also happened here in Australia with the inadequate investigation into Satanic grooming/SRA activities at Mornington Peninsula preschool (despite the extraordinary nature of the allegations at Mornington Peninsula I could only find a couple websites that had information about it, I have included a saved webpage called ‘savedwebpages/mornington.html’). Dutroux was portrayed by the media as a “lone nut” (which is easier for most to even comprehend) in order to remove association from these organised Satanic rings.

There was clearly a massive cover-up at McMartin preschool in the US and several other preschools where the cult grooms hundreds of children at a time using ritual abuse (SRA programming happens both within cult families like mine and in Satanist-run preschools). Don’t read Wikipedia for information about any of this stuff because “they” edit Wikipedia to make sure the general public never finds out, deleting credible opposing information and insert misinformation and propaganda, such as “discredited”, “false memories”, “impossible”, “no evidence found” etc. arguments. Two prominent therapist websites on ritual abuse ( and have been blacklisted by Wikipedia so that you cannot link Wikipedia pages to these websites or use them as a source, and the therapists did not get a reply from Wikipedia when asking as to why they were blacklisted.

*** Check out the following news article: The victim was clearly in denial (can’t blame her) and taken back in by the cult, and the “quack” therapist was sued for $10.6 million for “implanting” memories of child abuse and “breaking up” their family. But it’s REAL!

The “false memory syndrome” and “DID/MPD is caused by therapists” arguments are being used to cover this stuff up. The founders of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation were accused by their own daughter of incest and Dr. Ralph Underwager was forced to resign from the board after describing pedophila as “God’s will” and “certainly a responsible choice” in a Dutch magazine. Other psychiatrists associated with the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation” have links to CIA trauma-based mind-control (Project MK-ULTRA) and the cover-up of the countless lives they have ruined. I read somewhere that the CIA is said to have colluded with Satanic cults in the development of trauma-based mind control techniques (the CIA was obsessed with creating mind-controlled assassins… Manchurian candidates).

I have been charged with offenses related to a drug lab and explosives and I refuse to face any of these charges until the legal, judical, mental health systems, and indeed the wider society as a whole, recognises the epidemic of Satanic ritual abuse, trauma-based mind-control and hypnosis and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) and accept the fact that this is what I have been subjected to.

I fear I won’t be believed and will be sentenced harsher for “trying to make up lies to shift the blame to others” simply for trying to state the truth of my experience in court. I fear in custody the cult will have a much easier time finding me and harming/killing me. I also refuse to appear in court in any other manner than via video uplink while under protection of some sort (I don’t know by whom, and I don’t have much reason to trust the police), as I feel my life is in extreme danger and I don’t want to go anywhere near the Far South Coast again.

Also, I fear being incarcerated in the mental health system for “schizophrenia” which I do NOT suffer from but my mother has convinced everybody of (by telling all the concerned school staff that I claimed I was “hearing voices” BEHIND MY BACK WHEN I MADE NO SUCH CLAIMS, OR ANY SIMILAR CLAIMS… EVER(!!) in an attempt to cover up her involvement in the ritual abuse (which caused severe emotional disturbances) and the visible symptoms of cult-grooming of me and my brother. I also feel that the reason that she denied me ANY sort of physical examination/doctor visits ALL MY LIFE was to conceal the fact that I contracted Hepititis D at around the age of 3-4yo, likely due to abuse by the cult in rituals. A mental health tribunal found me a “paranoid schizophrenic” again in 2012, but this was based purely on the fact that I had been institutionalised when I was 16 based solely on my mother’s lies, and my mother would sit next to me to ensure I do not tell the truth while I appeared via video uplink to the mental health tribunal… what a travesty.
I don’t have the chart, my mother scooped it up and locked it in her wardrobe or something but in the ward when I took a look at it (it was sitting in the staff room), I’m pretty sure I was looking at “Name: Andrew Seefeldt” and “Hepititis D”… maybe I am still in denial.



You can use the free software VideoLAN (VLC) to view .mp4 videos.

[14/4/13] ——————-
I think I will start dating and time-stamping the events of this harassment campaign, although already it has gone on for months and occurs most days, both in 2012 and 2013. I didn’t realise it was noise harassment for some time, I just thought it was actual “work” going on next door at the truck shed and accepted it.

[quiet_saturday_morning_pneumatic_tool.mp4] I got woken up at around 8:30AM by tools at the truck shed next door being used to harass me. The camera’s microphone is poor but it was making a loud pneumatic noise as well as sharp, hydraulic whizzing.

[IMGP0047.mp4, IMPG0048.mp4, IMGP0052.mp4] This is the same pneumatic tool that woke me up today on Saturday. This tool continued to play all morning and again in the afternoon.

[IMGP0055.mp4] There is often loud, persistent, aggressive and entirely pointless hammering noises such as this.

[IMGP0064.mp4, IMGP0066.mp4] The speaker announcement that harassed me in 2012 started again about a month ago and tonight it appears to be announcing “raffle” numbers, but these speaker announcements only ever appeared during the times that I was doing something to upset the cult. This “raffle” is being announced in the industrial area of Storey Ave regularly (not much pattern I noticed in when it sounds, most often evenings though) for the sole pupose of noise harassment targetted at me and any “raffle” or “Bingo” game is just a front for these cult activities. One night about 8pm these “raffle” announcements over a speaker system even said “Calling Andrew! The winner is Andrew, come on down Andrew!” while a cult member also yelled my name from the back gate and me and my family were being heavily assaulted with all manners of electronic weapons, including an electromagnetic radiation weapon that made my body feel hot all over in an attempt to force me out of my home and make contact with the cult member at our back gate.
– – —————————–

[MVI_IMGP0064.mp4, IMGP0066.mp4] These voices murmuring and reciting numbers played over a speaker are used to harass me. I believe that whoever is making these might try to claim that the speaker voices behind my property somewhere are a “raffle” or “Bingo” game announcements, when no such games exist because it’s clearly a noise harassment campaign targetted specifically at me.

[15/4/13] ————-
6PM or so: multiple persons associated with the cult are next door in the truck shed. Noise harassment with hammering, grinding or a pneumatic tool and one guy jokingly yelled at the other guy making the noises “Shut up!” and laughed. I have recorded clips of this in the folder “15-4-13_harassment”. In [IMGP0081.mp4] the thing being sprayed into the air at night by the laughing people next door is a water hose that they use to wash trucks in the daytime, and it is very loud.
– – ————————

[20/4/13] ——————————
These clips were taken on 19/4/13 or 20/4/13, I forgot.

[20-4-13/IMPG0100.mp4, IMPG001.mp4, IMPG0102.mp4, IMPG0103.mp4, IMPG0104.mp4, IMPG0105.mp4, IMPG0107.mp4, IMPG0108.mp4] The cult harasses me with speaker systems in the distance that make a faint humming/pulsing/droning noise. The noise appears to be coming from ‘everywhere’ and when I go outside the noise appears to light up the entire sky in the distance, yet it is still faint enough that only the person who knows they are being specifically targetted will notice it and others will overlook it, or attribute it to factory noises (we live in an industrial area) and think nothing more of it.

Sometimes these humming noises are made to coincide with when I start using the landline Internet connection at 11 Storey Ave, which was being watched by hackers, including at 4am.

[20-4-13/IMGP0111.mp4, 20-4-13/IMGP0112.mp4] – More daytime noise harrassment.
– – ————————————

[media/Homemade 9mm submachine gun.mp4] – The Sten Mk.II sub-machine gun I smuggled in parts and assembled in 2009-2010.

[media/Postal 2 – Die%2C Motherfucker%2C Die%21.mp4] – A violent video I made when I was around 17yo.

Satanic ritual abuse in the Australian media:

These resources helped me:
4. (George has a very good site regarding the ‘massive conspiracy’ aspect, his website was illegally deleted off Australian servers a number of times and he has been incacerated in a mental ward for speaking out… see for yourself what the big fuss is about).
14. (Propaganda/disinformation written by Satanists. If this site says something isn’t real, then it means it IS)
16. – Good article on cops and how some of them play into this

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I know skeptics will wonder if I am inventing these stories for attention or Bitcoins, but I’m not. I have no idea how people will respond (or not) to what I’ve written because I am used to being ignored and it all sounds “too crazy to be true”, which is why the only place I have to turn are you conspiracy forum readers. Even if you think I’m making this stuff all up, well I hope you’ve enjoyed the read anyway because in that case I think I might be the next Stephen King!
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